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Don't blame me in politics
2 ups, 6d
Yay! Now I'm sooooo convinced that #PEDOPER (Joe Biden) is leadership material. How could I have been so blind?
Whether its a school shooting or an election, lying has consequences. in politics
2 ups, 7d
All they are going to find is pictures of Hunter Biden's dong, nothing they haven't seen before. You love grasping at straws and your desperation is enjoyable.🍿
A simpler way to explain it. in politics
4 ups, 7d
Lols, a meme passing judgment and then implying that the author and people who agree with the criticisms are like Jesus and glossing over the fact that the author probably lives a lifestyle that would cause Jesus to pass judgment on them according to the words in the Bible. Funny!
sure is weird, tho in politics
2 ups, 1w
Would you like an audit to prove your suspicions, no? Why not? LOLS