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An age old question!
Thanks! I thought this would go front page for sure. Maybe the kids on IMGFLIP don't know the old WB characters? Sad.
X, X Everywhere
So, you're saying that your parents went to college and STILL worked minimum wage jobs? They must have been a special kind of stupid. My father worked as a kid, as did his parents. It's called FARMING and being independent and not waiting for your next government handout. "Minimum Wage" was never designed to give you all of the luxuries of life. You need to improve yourself in order to earn those. I joined the Marine Corps at 18. Made waaay LESS THAN minimum wage. On the plus side, I got a ton of experience so I could get a great job when I retired and I also got college paid for and got an EVEN BETTER JOB. And guess what, I get $2,000 every month just for maintaining my presence on the sunny side of the dirt! Life is good. If it's not, go out and make it better, just don't blame the government, the 1%ers, or the minimum wage.