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I was jackin' off for awhile. I'm me again,,,
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Trump in "Home Alone 2"
And Republican. And conservative. And anti-abortion..... Hey, 'tis the Fart of the Deal...
Trump in "Home Alone 2"
They still have no idea why he lost by 89% in NYC,,, "Buh Twump got his thtart in the Cewebwity Appwentithe"
College Liberal
"IMO, I don't think there's a Blue Wave. Sure, there are usually partisan swaps among the public in midterm elections, but I'm skeptical because the people promoting this also thought Hillary had 85%+ chance of winning the election. We all saw how that went. I doubt there's a red wave either, though. While the Democrats continue to make themselves look stupid, so do the Republicans. I like to think myself on this site as the "advanced" idiot, which is rare on this site. I love befuddling other users... especially users like chosanwan who think they get somewhere far above me when they exist in front me. Once I publish my rant, I'll be sure to let you know." It's like I told people in 2016 who thought Trump had no chance, "I got one word for ya: George W Bush." Voters are lazy morons, many just won't bother voting just as they didn't in 2016 because Hillzy was a 'guaranteed win,' so why waste time on line when they can be home online complaining instead? Add gerrymandering, malaise turned into apathy, people who whine but don't want to fudge with the illusion of a miracle economy that will benefit them one day eventually maybe.... Plus if the Dems did gain a significant amount of seats or even a majority, they ain't gonna do crap. I refer people to Schumer having Congress by the balls over DACA during the shutdown only to inexplicably give in during the weekend, no less, Bill "Don't twist my arm, I'll sign it" Clinton constant caving in to the Republicans, Democrats nodding obediantly to Bush "Cuz we wuz attacked!" etc, etc,,, These farts eat at the same table. Nothing will change. I'm sort of an idiot with apparent potential that I can never quite fulfill because I am, yes, an idiot. I try to talk only about what I know about (which is why I avoid commenting on most memes). This fools some into thinking I must really know my cookies. Being aware of my limits is about as smart as I get. I'll be looking forward for it,,,
Short Satisfaction VS Truth
"The meme itself is loosely based on my experience, but the meme is NOT about me" You're not really pretending to be an idiot, are you?
College Liberal
Ahh, yes, the dreaded Blue Wave that won't happen as long as 'the front' all click their ruby reds in unison, plus the incredible news flash that Hillary still really didn't become Prez, and how Occasio Cortez is shipping us all to Hugo Chavez's house. I've long accepted my role as a basic idiot, but so many on this site keep trying to steal my exclusive membership card,,, This rant of yours, it needs adequate promotion. Can't let it slip under the radar.