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Liberal Logic - Please DON'T Tell Me More
What part of BX, NY, NY, USA does ya in't understand yit? I grew up in a neighborhood of illegals, as you already know. Folks who came here after they lost to us in WWII, from the nation with the largest illegal pop in America, unless the Mexicans surpassed them already. PS: I know it fudges your bogus narrative, but READ what I SAID. What seems backwards to me was what I stated, that YOU don't vote or otherwise partipate in it. So in answer to your query, you're garsh darn tootin it does. Now got off YOUR ass, work on YOUR own farm that YOU live on, and take care of YOUR goverment and stop being the problem. Don't hire em, won't have em, P-P-PERIOD. PPS: Bkln! Bkln! Being taken over by Ruskies. All them Italian neighborhoods you seem in them movies - now Russian. Maybe you can move there and be in your comfort zone. Kick em out. Kick em ALL out. My neighborhood Italians, their invading Russians, and your Mexican farm laborers, git em out o' MY country, homegurrrl. Dafuq ya waitin for?
Liberal Logic - Please DON'T Tell Me More
You're definding Putin DISMANTLING the United States of America via treasonous Trump. If you think some people voting for school board members (when's the last time you attended a meeting? Do you even vaguely know any on your local board, or even any attendees?) Your logic isn't flawed, it's simply absent.
I don't speak Russian, like you. Indulge me, kindly post the actual date of surrender that took place in your fantasy.
Liberal Logic - Please DON'T Tell Me More
That's the whole idea, disinformation slight of hand. Accuse the opposition of what they're doing as a means of pre-emptive deflection. Notice how they're all saying the same thing, same catch phrases. It's all scripted. They're FB recruited Rubble bots.