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Second one for me in fun
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Neither. Thumb reacted back up until the second joint flat against the index finger as not to protrude to much with my middle finger extended to the second joint curled up as if there was a trigger
The Situation, in a Nutshell in politics
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I've been been to plenty of prolife rallies and such, but also plenty of food drives and have plenty of family and friends who've done missions in 3rd world countries and adopted children.
As someone with a lot of military friends and even more military family I can promise you they blow the whole homeless veterans crisis thing out of proportion.
And I know plenty of people who worked at Walmart through their teens and early twenties and grew quite successful and I even know a guy who's a manager at a Walmart and a guy who goes to my church that's a trucker and both of them are pretty well off. I hate to be blunt, but if you're working at freaking Walmart as a cashier and expect $30 an hour someone of your intellect is getting paid too much.
The Situation, in a Nutshell in politics
0 ups, 2mo
Yeah, it's funny when libs tell you that "you're only prolife because it's easier to defend a fetus than an actual child," but let's say that's true that means that they can't even do the bare minimum while criticizing conservatives for doing the bare minimum.
I'm betting AOC doesn't know what parody means either... in conservatives
4 ups, 4mo
There is the DunningKrugerTimes or whatever on Facebook that a bunch of old fogey conservatives fall for, but I don't think AOCs Twittarians are really that old that you can excuse the stupidity.
Nah but fr in fun
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Not vaccinate, but I did like pretending I was injecting myself with Bane's 'Venom'.(I also just enjoyed poking myself with sharp objects as a child)