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Look Son
Yeah whatever. No balls.
Look Son
Fidel started with socialism, socialist school system, social medical, distributed wealth. How little do you know. The end goal of socialism is communism. But hey, you got the freedom to move to Denmark or Sweeden, where they do not have to spend billion of dollars per year on illegal immigration. Why don't you do it? Because you know that immigrants there ain't worth shiat. Maybe if this country had the immigrant laws they had we would be about 6 billion $ richer per year.
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
You know, you should get out of Cali, like I did, once you are exposed to fresh air the way you think will change.
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
Oh, hey look, it is Octavia's boyfriend to the rescue! Dude you are so funny. Screw going to a comedy shows, I'm getting full entertainment here for free! I'm becoming your fan.