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Am I The Only One Around Here
I think it is. You see, you people pay more taxes than anyone else, live is the highest cost of living areas, and for what? Shared apartments, high pollution, high traffic, high debt. Yet you Californians think you know it all, you are much smarter than everyone else, you are so much better than everyone else. Keep smoking that pot it gets you day by day.
Am I The Only One Around Here
Opinions are just opinions, facts are facts ;) everyone is entitled to their opinion but does not makes it right or a fact. Arguing with Octavia is a waste. She is a Cali pothead, brain washed to the max, nothing will change that. But you see, we need Californians, people who pay lots of taxes, so that we don't have to.
Am I The Only One Around Here
Hermafrodites are born with the two genders, but that does not makes them a gender of their own... that California weed hitting hard Octi?
Am I The Only One Around Here
Applauds! Also Octavia_melody is a Californian. To add to that list.