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Yeah!! That’s my president!! in politics
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If your point is that at some point we all came from the same place. That is fine, but from the start it has been conquer or be conquered. Europeans conquered North America. If they do not defend it, then they too will be conquered. It is that simple fact of life. It happens with humans, animals, and it started from the beginning and it is not going to change any time soon... or ever for that matter.
Yeah!! That’s my president!! in politics
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Actually... they have new findings that questions that statement http://www.sci-news.com/genetics/early-neanderthals-europe-07332.html so that humans came from Africa is a theory, which is vulnerable to have flaws. We just don't know for certain. Cheers.
Bike Fall in politics
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Why? Because you defend them so much.
Are they lining up to go to your house? Irrelevant.
Afraid of women and children? No but yes to the criminal element that is bringing in. I was a witness of a drunk illegal driver killing the husband and her two kids of a widow, nice lady also. You just be glad it was not your familly, else i am very positive you will have a different understanding.
Trumpettes? No sorry i voted for no president, i am not brain washed. But i am not a retard either and unlike you I recognize when there is a real threat.

What else you got at me shitbag?
Bike Fall in politics
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How about you offer your home to shelter all of those illegal families if you care so much. STFU.
It’s one thing he’s not good at, folks. in politics
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I mean, look at the other choices. You have to vote for the lesser evil.