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Still think free college is the answer? in politics
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WHEN EVERYONE'S A SUPER, NO ONE IS | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Not Cuba yet, let a social communist lead the country and see how any country will start looking like Cuba there in no time.
I want lefties to answer this one. in politics
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2 days, 114 views, and not a single response from the left hmmm.
Climate Change Taxes in politics
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Oh and they want your money, they are going to fill your head with fake information and do all kind of dishonest things to get that money. Dont fall for it.
Climate Change Taxes in politics
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It us a hoax to make a rich politician richer. Even when I asked you my first question you jumped over hoops to give me the most half ass answer I have ever seen, and that is because even you have doubts about it. Giving money to government so that they do for you what you are supposed to be doing is NEVER a good answer because someone is going to keep that money and do nothing to solve that issue. You just confessed that you dont know who that money is going to go to or what it will be used for. You need to ask yourself those questions so that you can answer them when you are going to present your case. In here you have no case, you are presenting information about a subject you have no knowledge about. I know about it, I was testing you and you epic failed answering a very simple question. Now I am taking responsibility, and this is how:
1) I compost organic waste with red earth worms
2) I plant fruit trees all around my house and share freely with the wild life
3) I recycle most of my non organic waste very intentionally
4) at my household no one smokes, and use electric stove

At an individual level do you do any of that?