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Liberal logic in politics
2 ups, 3mo
Biden isn’t even trying he’s only supporting Ukraine no matter the American people and I bet he’s just waiting for China to pass us economically at this rate. But I still like the drawing/cartoon thing
Thank Joe biden in politics
0 ups, 3mo
yo for Biden, America doesn’t matter until Ukraine is in better shape then us and China surpasses us economically 🤪
Another win for the conservative lifestyle. in politics
0 ups, 3mo
Yeah, I understand that, thank you. Just in my head I think we should involve all - I know some white people who are even more racist because of many news sources leaving white men and some women out, even though they died from of harm from another person. The people at my summer job don’t think only one side of the story should be known. Thank you for replying by actually filling in facts! Have a great day
Another win for the conservative lifestyle. in politics
0 ups, 3mo
I did not say “too” in my statement, if you are implying the “as well” as meaning “too,” then I’d understand. I mean all races do get killed. Why should you care if they’re black or white when a human being is getting killed anyway? At the end of the day the race shouldn’t matter so I don’t personally understand why people have to emphasize the race when they want to get rid of racism overall. I do not intend to erase the black people who were killed, just trying to bring everyone into the picture.
Another win for the conservative lifestyle. in politics
1 up, 3mo
I know I have no right in this conversation because I wasn’t here before, but you were that raw chicken breast and because of your mom she raised that tiny brain of yours to be protected by a thick head. No hate to your mom, she must be a lovely person by the way. Also, unarmed while men get killed as well, why does the race matter especially when you try promoting equality?