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"If you want to fight, actions must come before words." -Karma Akabane
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burger king fail in you-had-one-job
1 up, 1mo
I love how the workers are completely aware of it and they just don't care-
look closely in you-had-one-job
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Yeah for whoever made that
Genuis I don't think that's a bar graph😭
Untitled Image in Role_Play
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"I dont know. I guess you just seemed like someone at least a little similar to me."
She shrugged a bit in her answer, sighing.
I'm literally dying for an AssClass rp guys- anyways, anything except ERP or jokeshit, and OCs must be human. Have fun in Role_Play
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"Fastest being in the world eh? I could probably land a hit on the guy."
She had a devilish smile on her face. Seems she's excited
Untitled Image in Role_Play
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"Oh I am used to it. Just thought you'd be different."
She wasn't really affected by the glance. She just looked back at him, not seeming to care.