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Besides Cherokee I am also an Alaska Native: Tlingit & Tsimshian tribes. Pronouns: any.
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42 in Jesus
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😂🤣🙃 To think you used to call yourself "funniman" but you didn't make me laugh until now.
Thesaurus club in EGOS
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Johnny Carson once said that a thesaurus was a dinosaur that defeated others by confusing them with its extraordinary vocabulary.
Some people claim his "greatness" makes the slavery forgivable. in History_Memes
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The total number of people killed by Nazis is less than the number of Native People killed by Americans. Yet you told me I should be grateful to live in a country that was built on the dead bodies of my people. If you can't tell how hateful that is, stop commenting.
Anime fanfiction readers/writers unite! Amirite? in Anime
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Just because you watched John Wick doesn't mean you go around shooting people.