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[3 of 4] Unfortunately, most following the Word of Faith movement don't realize it is basically the practice of Hinduism. It's not just similar; the core beliefs are the same. Word of Faith has taken Hindu teachings, slapped Christianese on them, and used the false teachings to defraud folks in the Christian Church. The Hindu bill of goods these Word of Faith guys (and gals) are selling, goes something like this: You can get anything you want if you have enough belief, speak the right words, use the force of faith, send them money to get trinkets, and repeat phrases over and over. That's Hinduism! Hindus are taught to use the "God force" with mantras (repetitive chanting) to create their own reality. World of Faith leaders adopted those Hindu practices, only changing the terminology. | image tagged in hindu,christian,god,deception,bible,televangelist | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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