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3 ups, 3y
hahahaha Your dumb ass President changed the map with a PEN and actually thought it would work. Once again making a laughing stock of the country. How long can you stand up for this moron llolololololololololol
The Truth Hurts..... in politics
4 ups, 3y
Yes I know, that's why she' married The Donald......
The Truth Hurts..... in politics
4 ups, 3y
I love how Trump supporters run to his like a little girl the moment they think their King has been insulted. He calls his supporters fat and stupid and they say - aw it's okay - weak and sad lolol,
THE AWFUL TRUTH in politics
1 up, 3y
lmfao - desperate much ? It's not even clever. That holds no basis in reality- major fail lol sorry Charlie- better luck next time lol
CLOSER BY THE DAY in politics
0 ups, 3y
lol He has no idea about the Jewish faith or the history of the war for that matter. . Photo Opp-if you haven't figured that out yet your are a lost cause.