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Overly Manly Man in fun
0 ups, 8m
More like lumberjack scented powder than just glitter. But good meme.
Yumy in fun
0 ups, 8m
She can talk all she wants, but in this silent GIF, it's not what we hear, it's what we can see. Thanks for this yummy sight!
Untitled Image in fun
1 up, 8m
I'll be waiting for that Time magazine issue that will either say TRUMP GUILTY, TRUMP IMPEACHED, or TRUMP INCARCERATED.
Boardroom Meeting Suggestion in fun
0 ups, 8m
That kid on the right got what he had coming. I mean, only a young ass millennial to would dare answer 'One Direction' inside, of all places, an office boardroom meeting. NO WAY can you compare 1-D to the likes of The Rolling Stones & The Beatles! Good meme, though!
Gump on Sessions in fun
1 up, 9m
Not to mention his crap throwing!