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Humor and discussion around U.S. and world politics. Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone.
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China Joe off script

China Joe off script |  THE PRESIDENT HAS MADE A LINK BETWEEN CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE RECENT STORMS; USUALLY, CONSPIRACY THEORISTS BLAME EVERYTHING ON TRUMP AND THE UNVACCINATED, HE MUST HAVE GONE OFF SCRIPT AGAIN. | image tagged in inception,china joe off script,not my president,blame the unvaccinated,blame trump,conspiracy theories | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
587 views, 30 upvotes, 6 comments

Fake President

Fake President | image tagged in joe biden,democrat,not my president,democratic party,funny memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,496 views, 35 upvotes
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78 views, 10 upvotes

Let’s go, Brandon!

by anonymous
950 views, 49 upvotes

Karma hurts

379 views, 24 upvotes, 2 comments

when the president ain’t your president

134 views, 8 upvotes, 11 comments

Everyone but the left saw it coming

321 views, 22 upvotes, 11 comments

It's all a script and he's an actor -- do you get it??

by anonymous
672 views, 42 upvotes, 2 comments

Never invite evil into your home

291 views, 19 upvotes, 1 comment

No American President has ever publicly mocked freedom

272 views, 18 upvotes, 25 comments
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