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Gillette in fun
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This meme needs 1,000 upvotes minimum. Good job!
3rd wave feminism and the fight for equal treatment for gone completely out of control. Can't say we didn't warn you! in fun
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Thank you for all of this information. It is greatly appreciated!!!
The creator and promoters of the term white privilege unknowingly promote hate and division. in fun
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2nd part of comment continued...

The fact that white males hold almost full control and power of the country is circumstantial and has everything to do with history. Does anyone go around blaming and questioning why Japanese males have maintained control and dominance over Japan? No, of course not because that would be silly. Why blame Japanese men for successfully gaining control and ownership over a very large island land mass? And what's worse is that the Japanese culture is very sexist in many ways in comparison to American standards.

I understand the whole purpose for why there is a push for equality. The efforts to try and make everything equal is ideal. I agree with the concept and it's a morally good and noble endeavor but there is one major problem and fact in reality that is completely ignored by radical idealists. Not everyone is equal....

It's an unfortunate reality that many who are idealists (myself included) have to eventually face. Smart people typically go on to create great things while not so smart people are forced into positions in life where they have to suffer the penalties of not being as smart as others. Driven, aggressive and highly motivated people strive to succeed and lazy, unmotivated people accomplish very little success if any.

Despite what your gender (theoretical) studies professor may have taught you in class. Women and mens brains differences are gender specific. That's not to say, that all men's brains are wired exactly the same and all women's brains are wired exactly the same but all scientific research on the subject matter has unequivocally proven that these differences in men versus women are distinctly different from one another. Which is exactly why men are dominant in certain industries/jobs and women dominate in others. There is no grand conspiracy or cooperative effort to keep women from acquiring jobs on oil rigs or high rise building construction or engineering just as there is no preventative measures in place to prevent men from getting jobs as nurses or daycare providers.

Men and women just have natural preferences based on multiple factors. Promoting the "idea" for women to get involved in fields of work that they wouldn't have otherwise considered before is one thing but convincing women that the reason these industries have a lack of women in them is because of a sexist conspiracy by white males is a dishonest tactic used by people with a personal agenda.