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You can't make this stuff up!!!

You can't make this stuff up!!! | ______________; __; , KAMALA? LOL! | image tagged in political humor,kamala harris,elected for being female of color,dumb,dumb people,there's no brain here | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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and then the ones who went to jail were kept longer than their sentence to provide cheap labor for the state..
I've yet to see a liberal take issue with this
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Kamala Harris laughing | AND READY TO DO IT AGAIN | image tagged in kamala harris laughing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Or was she reefering to someone named "Nobody"? Word salad kammy is does babble on
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Libs can say anything they want, b/c the liberal media will cover for them. Even if Conservatives point out their flip-flopping, most sheeple in America won't listen.
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She knew of at least 1 falsely convicted and did nothing about it til she was forced to. Typical corrupt politician. We need to place unwanted posters around all of our towns. Do you think the postal oriface, (commonly shortener to post office) would still put them up?
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Thank heavens Comrade Kneepads imprisoned those smokers! Otherwise muggers, rapists, and murderers would have had to rot in prison longer given less overcrowding. #WarOnGrugsAndGrugettes
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Kamala laughing | YOUR FREEDOM IS SAFE WITH ME WE DON’T EVEN HAVE JURISDICTION OVER ILLEGALS | image tagged in kamala laughing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Oops! You clearly meant to type "Newcomers", am I right, Socrates? Wink, wink!

PC Nouns in The New World Order
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Send you a new message, read it please
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It's democrat flip flop season.
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I don't know which klown is worse, Demented Joe or Kommie-la.

She tends to miss a lot...

She suffers from what a lot of libs do, which is NO keen grasp of the obvious.
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People can change their minds over time
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And it can be a bitch for politicians, especially when they do or say things that with hindsight, show that they did something they now claim is wrong. So on something like this, it's a little more than just changing her mind.
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Oh yeah, it is definitely trouble for them. Especially with the current political culture that refuses to forgive, and if Harris went public about said facts they’d just double down and call her a hypocrite further. Either way, she can’t win
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I think if she was an intelligent person, who could speak intelligently, she could talk her way out of it.
That's what someone who is skilled at being a politician would do. Or even halfway skilled at being a politician.

But she's not, so she can't.

I've watched her for years here in Taxifornia, and she's a train wreck.

Her run for POTUS in 2020 put that on full display. I could be wrong, but didn't she drop out before any actual primaries or caucuses? Yes, she was that bad. Which should make us scratch our collective heads and wonder why Demented Joe chose her as the VP candidate?
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Yeah, I don’t think she’s qualified either. But VPs are seldom, if not never, chosen based on talent, but rather to round out a ticket. Joe chose Harris because she contrasted with his Old White Dude TM vibe. And Trump chose Mike Pence in 2016 because he was evangelical, appealing to the Hyper-Christian GOP base since Trump was seen as socially liberal beforehand.

Now, I think that VPs should be chosen on merit, but given that VPs rarely do anything, it’s not the end of the world if they’re not
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    ______________; __; , KAMALA? LOL!