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He’s here… in fun
0 ups, 6h
Its happening
to the forward unto dawn in gaming
0 ups, 6h
I talked to him and he tood me it was a misunderstanding. He just wanted to check the stream. False alarm.
the second leader votes started in FNiA-Sucks
0 ups, 7h
I hate FNIA and I want to help monitor the stream. Not to mention I am very sctive on the site. I also have experience as mod in other streams.
we need to choose a leader in FNiA-Sucks
0 ups, 7h
Can I be the second leader?? I am very active on the site and I loathe FNIA. I also have experience as an mod in other streams.
Furry haters be like: in Furries-stream
0 ups, 8h
Ok, we will. Just stop causing conflicts between furries and antis please. Thank you