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Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it.
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Jim Halpert Explains in politics
0 ups, 6h
Why would anyone want to indulge you?

Read the bill. Then we can talk, if you're serious.

But that's a big IF, because so far you can't be serious when you write a post to me.
Jim Halpert Explains in politics
0 ups, 6h
You have to stop and think about context when it comes to Demented Joe.

One example that illustrates how his brain operates is the CHIPS and Science Act, when compared / contrasted with his views on corporate taxes.

So on the one hand, Demented Joe is giving, yes GIVING a lot of money to BIG corporations, but on the other hand, he's telling us how evil they are and raising taxes on them. So Demented Joe giveth and he taketh, all at the same time.

The smart thing to do would have been tax credits instead of just giving them money.

But since dems don't believe in tax credits but do believe in throwing money away, I guess this makes more sense for them.
You can't make this stuff up!!! in politics
1 up, 6h
I think if she was an intelligent person, who could speak intelligently, she could talk her way out of it.
That's what someone who is skilled at being a politician would do. Or even halfway skilled at being a politician.

But she's not, so she can't.

I've watched her for years here in Taxifornia, and she's a train wreck.

Her run for POTUS in 2020 put that on full display. I could be wrong, but didn't she drop out before any actual primaries or caucuses? Yes, she was that bad. Which should make us scratch our collective heads and wonder why Demented Joe chose her as the VP candidate?
Laughing Donald Trump in politics
1 up, 6h
At least he has a functioning mind... unlike oatmeal brains Biden, aka Demented Joe.
Gru Gun in politics
0 ups, 6h
All you need to know is that police do not have the resources to protect you.

Yes, they'll investigate the assault, or worst case scenario your death, but they can do nothing to stop it.

So the same govt that wants to take away your constitutionally protected firearm, that you would use to protect yourself, cannot protect you.

The Peanuts cartoon is also spot on. Nazis, Communists, etc., all want to take away your guns. It's no wonder modern democrats want to do the same.