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Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. We were each designed to fulfill a purpose for God. Find your purpose
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Putting Your Best Foot Forward At Least Keeps It Out of Your Mouth in politics
4 ups, 2d
He's long since forgotten he has feet as well as so many other things.
Orwell was right, just forty years early . . . in politics
5 ups, 2d
I am also seeing shadows of Asimov's "Foundation" series, albeit a darker overarching plan than what I had attributed to the series decades ago. Although, "1984" is a script within their plan, their "Bible" is the Satanic edition. Wrong is "correct" and lies are the "truth du jour".
Progress? in conservatives
3 ups, 2d
Typically astute! They attacked the families, made victims of all of them, then said, "You are all victims and we (the ones that did it to you) are the only ones that can provide for you. The only ones that can protect you."