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The left elected the real puppet?

The left elected the real puppet? |  Who looks like Putin’s puppet now | image tagged in memes,leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street,joe biden,liberal logic,politicians suck | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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JAR OF UP VOTES | YOU GET A | image tagged in jar of up votes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Biden, Putin's Puppet!! Dance you ignorant FOOL!!!!! | image tagged in putin cheers,putin winking,putin's puppet,vladimir putin smiling,creepy joe biden,stupid liberals | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I used your meme as a Template! Thanks!!!!
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Biden the Putin puppet lol
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What we get from Russia is crude and feedstock imported for our refineries.

If you want to show that Biden is bad for business:

A. Don’t use the epoch times as a source

B. Take the time to compare the number to historical numbers to see if they mean what you think they mean.
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Please provide a detailed analysis as to why something from the Epoch Times is considered a priori unreliable. Otherwise, you are an ad hominem snowflake.

Here is a place where you can see how it's done:
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They are pretty much run by a a new religion out of China called Falun Gong. They were banned from running ads on Facebook after they spent 1.5 million in Pro Trump ads.

They actually won a few awards in 2014 and were being taken seriously, but they apparently abandoned all that. A pity really. More diverse media that tries to be unbiased is the best we can hope for and they aren't even trying to be unbiased.

I'll look into anything, but for me personally their bias is too obvious to ignore. I also don't like CNN, MSNBC, and many other outlets they fail too often in checking their own bias.
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". . . but they apparently . . . "

Ok, so let's just admit that you made the assertion based on vague feelings, that are born in your own biases, and not based on anything concrete. "Anything to the right of me MUST be alt-right white supremacy!", or whatever- that you attempt to be more balanced in your delivery does not hide this. You start with yourself as the neutral point, and as someone moves to the right or the left, you begin to judge them as insufficient and untrustworthy. btw- I am not a huge fab of the Epoch Times, nor do I spend much time there at all. This is, therefore, not a defense of them- it is an attempt to point out that so long as you choose to discredit any and all sources that provide contrary information to what you want to believe, what you want to be true, you are more about disinformation than any so-called news site is.

You are not alone in this, aside from making ad hominem assertions, as we all are looking outward from within our own heads. The difference for me? I started at somewhere around your starting point, but I realized that something was wrong with everything "left". In other words, I gave up my biases and replaced them with knowledge.

And since when did Facebook become the arbiter of right and wrong? Their ban on Trump and others is not based on some holy writ, it is based on a clear far left leaning ideology. Running "pro-Trump ads" is not necessarily based on a bad bias. If a person's "bias" is that they want America to do well, that is a bias I can live with since I live here. It is astonishing how ignorant liberals are, when history bears out the exact thing we see happening now- Democrats are tearing down our national sovereignty, largely to enrich themselves. There is truly something wrong with people whose overriding desire is to command other people to do their bidding- to rule rather than represent.

Having a bias is not necessarily wrong, especially when it is based on facts, data, and reality. I choose not to rob banks because my bias is that that is wrong, a bias based on a morality that is paper thin without there being a Lawgiver Who established that stealing is wrong. That a majority decides that stealing is wrong is pointless given that the majority is on the broad road to Hell, and the way in which Democrat run "justice" departments is turning a blind eye to theft is proof of this in our own time.

You think you've discovered unbiased, or perhaps less biased news sources. Doubtful.
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Funny how you say I judge everything right of me as alt-right and then proceed to conclude that Democrats are tearing down our nation, and 'Democrat run "justice" departments are (I'm inferring here) godless and immoral. In short, you conclude that people who disagree with you aren't just biased, they are immoral and bound for hell.

Fun. I guess Barr became a RINO when he said there was no sign of significant election fraud. I guess all those judges Trump appointed who kicked out voter fraud cases were secretly Democrats the whole time, and it had nothing to do with lack of evidence.

"There is truly something wrong with people whose overriding desire is to command other people to do their bidding- to rule rather than represent". - you mean like a President trying to maintain power after he lost the election? Being so pathologically unable to admit that he could be beaten that he spread rumors that he would be cheated before the election? The same rumors he spread in 2016 about the election and in the primary against Ted Cruz? He always says there will be fraud because he can't admit he lost. "Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified"

I tried looking at some Epoch times articles to give a fair evaluation, but with the paywall I could only look at 4 articles without paying, and I can't see any of their 'premium' content. Of those 4 articles, I found them to be of mediocre quality and biased.

They mostly just direct quoted the working paper. They should have been more upfront on the fact that is a working paper and not a final published study. The working paper itself notes that shelter in place didn't work because excess mortality went up - I'm sure it did, but excess mortality looks at the average over several years. Yes, more people died, but that only proves that COVID is deadly. It alone doesn't demonstrate that more people wouldn't have died without shelter in place policies, it only shows that those policies were not 100% effective. So, they chose a weak source that supported a bias and weren't critical of it at all.

Also, the article is filled with direct quotes, and reporters generally summarize and only use direct quotes to highlight opinions, emotions, or some critical conclusion.
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"you say I judge everything right of me as alt-right and then proceed to conclude that Democrats are tearing down our nation, and 'Democrat run "justice" departments are (I'm inferring here) godless and immoral. In short, you conclude that people who disagree with you aren't just biased, they are immoral and bound for hell."

You are incorrect, as usual, aside from your inference- that is an accurate assessment, which is demonstrably true. It is not an issue with disagreeing with me, but rather where do we all stand as compared with the Word of God. I am eminently more qualified to run such comparisons as contrasted with yourself. Given that you denounce what God has to say (actions speak louder than words), you put it out of your reach, therefore you cannot see what a born again believer can see. While that is not to say we never get anything wrong, some things are so basic that it would be difficult to do so.

The rest of what you had to say was worthy of nothing more than a glance, I'm sorry to say. You spin everything to fit your depraved narrative. I say depraved as that is the default condition of all human beings, though some work very hard to achieve excellence in that category. The audits continue, and have uncovered much. While I will not argue that this will result in anything meaningful to change, the facts being discovered remain. That the MSM fails to report, or report accurately, is misleading only to those who enjoy the confirmation bias they get from the lib media.

One thing I am very certain of- the majority of liberals I encounter, especially the more verbose ones on social media sites like this, if they had been given the opportunity to choose a fair election that resulted in a Trump win vs fraud that put anyone else in office, they would have easily chosen to cheat. Why anyone would think that the power hungry Democrat Party would do any different is astonishingly naive. They murder unborn children for fun after all.
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You are more qualified - Pride

Actions speak louder than words - on that we can agree.

Spin everything - Example? Because the truth doesn't need spin, so any such spin would be unintentional.

The audits have uncovered much - source? Because I've been monitoring the AZ audit and they've been pretty tight lipped. They say the paper phase of the inspection will be done on June 26. Prediction - they will give a big report of things that can be done to make things more secure and make recommendations but they will conclude that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Gentleman's wager? Come on...

They would have chosen to cheat - False Witness - you don't actually know what they would do. You are accusing them anyway.

In fact, all of the election fraud allegations without proof, and statements that the CDC is are accusing actual people who work there or these crimes. So again, False Witness. I read an interesting sermon a while back that said the spreading of rumors and information you don't know is true on social media is the modern version of false witness. I don't recall all the details, but the concept was solid.

Would have cheated - You win some, you lose some, and you tailor your policies to appeal to the most people. If you fail at that, you deserve to lose. Or to say it another way, we should survive by our principles or not at all. If people really wanted to get rid of Trump that badly an there was the level of coordination and evil that you seem to assume of your fellow Americans, then someone could have just killed him. Assassination, poisoning, hell, he had COVID and took experimental treatments. It would have been far easier than a nationwide coordinated effort to steal the vote.

Republicans have been saying for so long that there is massive cheating, but when investigations turn up nothing, that doesn't seem to matter. If you think the other side is cheating, what do you do? I think seeds of distrust planted by both sides in the name of political expediency are bearing rotten fruit.

Being pro choice, I would love to see no abortions that aren't medically necessary, but by addressing the reasons a woman feels that abortion is her best/only choice. I leave the decision to the mother and physician. I doubt there is much 'fun' involved. I would see programs in place to ensure availability of birth control to everyone after a certain age (16?).
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My media fact check is better than your media bias fact check.

Opinion is not fact. Spin is not fact.
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You live in an echo chamber that you use to pacify your broken soul. Confirmation bias at its finest.

As for your "project"- if this is all you have to do, you indeed have a sorry life.
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In his is correct, near as I can tell.
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