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Hey, Trump!! YOU didn't build that!! - Biden in politics
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That's what I've read from multiple sources. It's also clearly true based on wordsmithing. If Obama had used them the way they are being used now, they word be saying that. But they can say in all honesty that Obama built them and leave people who want it to be nothing to infer what they want from that.

It was Trump who implemented the current zero tolerance policy. If you agree with the policy, own it. If you don't, say so. You don't have to agree with everything your candidate does.
Hey, Trump!! YOU didn't build that!! - Biden in politics
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The cages were used to temporarily keep children who were unaccompanied because they had to put them somewhere until HHS could pick them up. Trump on the other hand created a zero tolerance policy that separated children from their parents.

You can judge each of those as you see fit, but there is a difference.
In Person Voting Is The Solution in politics
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"Reinstall King George Statues? So you are saying the statue destruction is part of a new revolution to destroy the government of the United States and therefore related to the revolt against England and her King?"

That is a clever rebuttal. No, I don't think this is that level of revolution. Or at least I hope not. I would hope that a country founded on the belief that people have the right to throw off old forms of government if they fail to do their job would recognize the signs of a large group that unhappy.

What I'm pointing out is that historically the destruction of statues isn't an erasing or rewriting history. We know who King George was. We know he had statues. Often the destruction of statues is destruction of the target in effigy or of what they represent.

Well, except in the case of the Nazis. They were trying to rewrite WWI as though it never happened and thus destroyed any war monuments that showed them losing. I don't see that as a parallel to what is happening. Nobody is trying to forget anything.

I think to a lot of the people who don't like them:
The Confederate statues represent the idea that 'the south will rise again' and that there was a time when people were property. That may not be what it means to you, but ...

The Columbus statues represent the whitewashing and sanitization of history. We had a happy thanksgiving meal with the friendly natives and we all lived happily ever after.

Nationalism allows for no dissent and demands unquestioning loyalty - my country is great, full stop.

Patriots aren't unquestioningly loyal. We can and should hold America to a higher standard. You can love someone and call them on their BS. You can and should stage an intervention.
In Person Voting Is The Solution in politics
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'left are so much more enlightened....everyone else is racist. 'Is that what you heard? I don't believe in calling people racist. People are complicated. Everyone has biases. We form them all the time. Some of them are based on race and are therefore racist, but if I called everyone with a racial bias or two racist, then everyone would be racist. It's like calling someone bad for one bad act. Most people are shades of gray.

The left more that's simplistic. left/right are relative and one countries extremist is another countries moderate. I do think that anyone who doesn't acknowledge their faults and work on them is less enlightened by the very nature of the term enlightenment. But self awareness and reflection are not solely of the left. There are plenty of people who fall on the left who have very little self awareness.

'Many on the left are racist. Many minorities are racist everyone has prejudice.' - unless I say otherwise, I'm not drawing a line between left and right.

'How do you know how I treat POC based on my political stance.' - not sure where that came from. 

'equal opportunity not preferential treatment' - ensuring people have opportunities is not propping them up. Programs such as affirmative action apply to all races. A white person can go to a black college and qualify for the same programs. 

'assume a lesser man' - one of my favorite spins. As if I think they aren't capable of helping themselves. Sorry, but no. I'm American, and when a group of my fellow Americans repeatedly and consistently says they are being discriminated against and are under attack, I will stand with them. I won't ignore them or assume they are lying.