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This stat puts it in perspective folks. But don’t tell anyone or the media will have us panicking over the flu!! in politics
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"You are braindead....roughly the same number of people are dying EVEN IF ONE IS MORE CONTAGIOUS!..How dumb can you get?"

Well.. looks like it's time to pull your head out of your ass and eat crow. I'll take that $500 in the form of silver dollars.
thug life in fun
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I WANT TO HEAR THE PLANE CRASH AND THE THUG LIFE | image tagged in memes,first world problems | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
gt in politics
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Ya I kind of don't understand the hostility.. I would think "conservatives" would applaud trying to use resources conservatively.. but I guess there is whatever upfront costs associated with that. And I agree about Neil. :)

Was she "thrust" into the spotlight? Any idea how she started? I generally like the idea of younger people getting involved but she's not even old enough to vote here.. (probably not a citizen anyway but idk)
gt in politics
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"the truth" seems to be your opinion devoid of any facts supporting it so no, I'm not interested in hearing that.

Timber's comments in this thread have actual substance so I think I'll stick with that..
trololololololo in fun
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I think Trump has BS'd more about Obama alone than Obama has BS'd in total. I mean he beat that birth certificate drum for nearly a decade, blaming him for slow coronavirus testing, founder of ISIS, etc... I'd almost bet money "obamagate" is just more BS.. maybe I'm wrong though idk