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Safe for all! in politics
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Eyyy ey eyyyyy eyy eyyy!

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You're not a very good liberal Democrat, Stan. According to your ilk, it's all about making EVERYTHING in life fair. Stealing money from producers is always the first place to start, but usually y'all go AFTER the evil, white male.

Unless he expresses extreme perversion, though. Then white males dominating women and minorities is cool. No doubt, transgender Nazis, KKK members, and white supremacists are cool too?

The greater the perversion, the more support liberals give.
Biden vs Trump in politics
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And [all this success] is just barely over a year in. You keep using that word- I do not think it means what you think it means | image tagged in you keep using that word | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
THAT is about the stupidest list to defend someone I have ever seen.

√ Didn't win the election fairly. Even if we totally disregard the clear and obvious election fraud (and WHY would we do that?), had the Democrat Media, aka the MSM, honestly reported on just one salacious Biden issue, the Hunter Laptop, around 17% who voted for Biden would not have done so. That alone would have been more than enough to overcome the election fraud that took place.
√ That feeble,frail old man distributed exactly nothing. When he wasn't falling up the stairs, he was napping in Delaware. Trump gave us Warp Speed, and while I still would not have taken the experimental jab, the vaccines were ready to go to distribution at least a decade earlier than normal. Apart from Trump making it happen, Biden would have been long dead by the time these were ready to be used.
√ End the Afghanistan War in the worst possible fashion, handing billions of dollars of military equipment over to terrorists. You can bet your last liberal trigger that the citizens of Afghanistan have a considerably different take on this being one of Biden's good accomplishments. But then, liberals do not actually care about people in need- that's someone else's job because they pay taxes.
√ Infrastructure that wasn't actually infrastructure. No one changes the definitions of words like the Lying Left©!
√ Free in-home covid tests. It is truly like you are doing damage control, taking Biden's failures and turning them into success stories. The tests are out now to some degree, but rational people have not forgotten that Biden was caught with his pants down on this subject- one of the rare times his pants were down and a minor wasn't anywhere near.
√ The next 2 have less to do with Biden and more to do with capitalism. And liberals fought to prevent citizens from having access to these treatments if they weren't found to be blindly obedient to the State. This reveals Biden's evilness, not his success.
√ He "cut off Russian oil" after the pressure was too great not to, but he did not do so as soon as he should have. AND he put the US in the disgusting position of having to beg its enemies for help. Biden inherited an energy independent country.
√ This last point is the opinion of someone who got all of his previous points desperately wrong, sooooo . . . .
Untitled Image in politics
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if herpes was called boppo , people wouldn't be so disgusted by it, right? in politics
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Here's hoping that her extreme, radical, "progressive" views push the wishy-washy Barrett & Kavanaugh a little further to the right. They should have a little harder time siding with the Leftists if this devil is confirmed.