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It's your fault if you break the law, resist arrest, assault police officers, etc. Police lives matter too.

It's your fault if you break the law, resist arrest, assault police officers, etc. Police lives matter too. | image tagged in politics,american politics,police,arrest,police lives matter,police chasing guy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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In A Twist, Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Man In Viral Video

That’s funny, I did not get to loot Target!
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If a black criminal shoots a white cop do we get to loot a college? Not sure how this works.
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On a news channel it showed blm protests about blocking the streets. The police chief made sure that only black officers were doing the detaining of the rioters and protesters. It was beautiful.
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And when you resist arrest for something you didn't do, its your own fault for getting shot.
Bruh, how many mental leaps did it take you to get there!?
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Don't talk to me about about mental leaps, you low-life moron. Try being personally accountable for your life for a change, "bruh" (one of the stupidest words in North American culture).

Statistics prove that twice as many white men are killed by police (roughly 19 per year) for resisting arrest compared to about 9 black men who resisted arrest. NO ONE has a right to resist arrest. If the charges are a mistake, you take it up at the police department and call a lawyer. Once you assault a police officer, attempt to grab his gun or Taser or if you run back to your car to grab a knife or gun, all bets are off. I would have NO RIGHT to expect to not be shot by police if I as a white man behaved that way and unlike you, I hold ALL RACES to the same standards under the law. We're not going to have separate laws for blacks and other laws for whites, etc. It's NOT going to happen.

99.9% of the time, a man was shot by police because he was assaulting the officers and/or was resisting arrest The guy in the photo admitted that he had run back to his car to grab a knife to stab those police officers and he had a warrant out against him for raping his former girlfriend. He ran away from the police when they told him to stop and had their guns drawn, ran to his car to grab a knife, and that was when he was shot in the back and permanently paralyzed from the waist down. That's what happens when one doesn't obey the law in the first place and then one violently resists arrest.

So, be personally accountable and don't break the law. Then it's not likely you'll have to deal with police officers. I had to deal with police twice even though I had not broken any laws, but I remained calm, answered the police officers' questions, did not act in a threatening manner, and the situations were resolved peacefully, and they left me alone.
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Who said I don't hold all races accountable? Who said that!? I am actually so confused about that.
I have no respect for anyone who assults officers with no provocation whatsoever, and with no provocation. I didn't know the case, and I was talking about all things in general. I thought police could only shoot afer there was no more options, what happened to good old hand to hand combat (Excuse the joke, I'm not being serious). Its common sense not to rage at police, and you're definetely not right in the head if you for you to do it. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would just go calmly in the car, and then call a lawyer at the station, just like you suggested.
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Yeah, because fighting the cops is really gonna save you and help your case. Big brained take here.
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F i g h t i n g t h e c o p s
Resisting arrest doesn't necessarily mean fighting. It could mean running or hiding.
If its the guys fault for resisting arrest, then lets put it this way. There's a bully, and he punches a kid for walking. According to your logic, its the kid's fault, isn't it…?
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And oh, too bad, s/he/it claims that s/he/it can't open it.
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The gif won't load for me, so can you type, like an ordinary person?
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Something he didn't do. The motherf**ker is a rapist returning to the victims house. If you knew that and saw the guy reaching for a fork you should blast him away.
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Resisting arrest is a crime in its own right.

You don't plead your case to the cop that's arresting you, you plead your case to the judge & Jury.
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