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If my meme offends you, it was just satire. Yeah... satire.
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AZ 'audit' funded by Trump conspiracists M. Flynn, S. Powell, OAN, et al in politics
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I see that and raise a fraudulent foreign dossier purchased by Hilldawg and the DNC that was used to undermine a fair election.
I won't pull it away this time. in politics
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Nice deflection from my main point. Why would Jesus want me to take a useless medical experiment that's more risky to me then the virus itself? Now go find some other angle to try and shame people with that wouldn't work on you.
Ron DeSantis in politics
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The DOJ just squashed an investigation into it. Deep state at work again. Remember the AG meeting with Clinton on the tarmac? These dems are shameless and the repubs seem useless, bar a few.
Ron DeSantis in politics
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Leftists prefer quantity over quality. Unfortunately, repetition is effective against the sheep. That's why they seethe that it doesn't work much against the right.
I won't pull it away this time. in politics
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Thanks but if the jab doesn't protect you from the China virus, why would I risk getting complications from it? And I seriously doubt Jesus would like dna altering medical experiments.