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Democrats do nothing in politics
4 ups, 4y
Come on, even you know he is trying his hardest to get the wall built. It is the Democrats, once again, obstructing the wall's progress.
Trump Bill Signing in politics
3 ups, 4y
With as complex as I imagine Trump's tax returns are, I doubt most people would even understand them. Since he is consistently audited, I really doubt there is anything wrong in them. The Dems just want to harass him or find out he is not as wealthy as he says.
George Conway Blasts Trump As "Most Unfit And Incompetent President" In U.S. History in politics
3 ups, 4y
So, lots of people don't like Trump. Who cares. i look like a sissy to you ?... in politics
4 ups, 4y
Kamala Harris owns a gun and has a carry permit from California. She just wants everyone else to be disarmed.
What is the next step to protect infants in politics
0 ups, 4y
Alabama adoptions are the highest in their history.