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Sunny-Sheltie (208769)
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Heyo! I'm Sunny! Just a goofy goober on the internet :3 Taken! <3 Proud mod of the Furries-Stream! 62 floofs ❤️
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Please and thank you! :) in fun
0 ups, 4d
hey! im so sorry im not active on this site anymore. Follow my tiktok Sunny_The_Sheltie for recent content :)
Im a furry. Roast me. (ART IS NOT MINE) in fun
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why the f**k are you replying to a 1 year old post bruh
New imgflip easter egg? in imgflip
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Hating anti-furries is not what this stream was meant to be and personally I think it’s just a trend with the new users or those in Furries-stream
4 ups, 4mo
This is exactly why I havent been as active. This stream kinda turned into "me when anti furries" and it kinda bothers me