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Joined 2020-11-24 | use all pronouns idfk | local idiot(and bitch with no bitches) | MILES EDGEWORTH MY BELOVED šŸ¤ šŸ’—
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This is my first time posting in this stream so don't judge my storyline in Role_Play
1 up, 15h
why the hell does this give me Big City Greens vibes
Iā€™m tired of sending limited memes in imgflip
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lmao i just memechat myself to send shitposts, copypastas, important shit, and me singing to myself angrily by spamming nonsense
wegu7y 7 y47 99 u4u uioho huguhuuruwrugrsuooororyuhyuoyjiocfgjj
I play on normal difficulty like a noob, despite the fact I've been playing since like 2014 in gaming
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the farthest i've ever been able to convince my creative(as in im able to roleplay with myself) ass is survival mode. o n e a s y m o d e . one second into hardcore and i ragequit the moment i fall off a hill or get killed by a zombie šŸ˜
i cant even go with normal or hard mode. thats how bad i am at minecraft