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Competent leadership would've been nice, wouldn't it. in politics
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Oh Boy! Hope Trumps stimulus check gets here while there's STILL food to buy! A LONG time later Ya VOTED 4 me suckers! | image tagged in memes,i'll just wait here | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
The New Deal saved our ass*s! As it was 3 million Americans still starved during the Depression; it would have been far worse had FDR not intervened. My family lost the bulk of our fortune,& to read in a classic book on banking that the Great Depression was deliberately initiated was a grotesque shock. Today the same process is being repeated by robbing Peter to pay Paul-a process Republicans are intimately familiar with.CV19 was a gift on a silver platter to the dictator who we always knew was itching to close borders. He will declare martial law as citizens begin to riot in desperation.Trump represents capitalism gone awry without any checks & balances. What you call "socialism" is the way healthy communities survive. The GOPs brand of rancid capitalism has doomed our nation.Trump SOLD our surplus medical supplies to China for $60 million,& now states are engaged in a pathetic bidding war in which Putin's pick penalizes Americans for how they voted! THAT'S not even legit capitalism-it's MURDER!
Untitled Image in politics
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Pay no attention to those 2-they're just jealous that that Obama & Clinton didn't have to CHEAT to seize office! BOTH Dems left us w/ economic gains! Obama even left us w/ a Pandemic response team, which Trump FIRED!
Obama had no scandals.
While Clinton lied about getting a BJ while in office- pretty small potatoes next to Trumps 10,000+ lies & traitorous sins.As they drop charges against the Russians that helped Trump,citing "national security " know that we have become a sad subject state of Putin; for Trump is the American version of the Ukrainian "President "upsurper Yanukovych.
Trump Is A Child Rapist in politics
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Things the world did NOT need to see;
2015-Trump mocks the handicapped 2020-DONALD TRUMP BEING A MEANSPIRITED BULLY-AGAIN! YA GOTTA SEE THIS | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
It's not Jesus who answered your prayer honey. Nancy tore up the speech to symbolize what Trumps doing to our nation! Nancy Pelosi behaved with more restraint than your crush Trump,who has absolutely zero dignity; the guy threatens people, acts like a dictator, mocks the handicapped & apes the orgasm of a member of the FBI whilst reading his private emails! Guy even talked about his weenie-no-one wants to hear about the wee head that's been doing The Donald's thinking for him for the last 74 years!
Untitled Image in politics
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The political climate SHOULD scare everyone but the coup happened already-on 11/8/16.What LOYAL President attacks members of our OWN intelligence community? Trump had them put Reality Winner in jail for leaking info he wanted buried that Russia had hacked the DNH(w/in 24 hours of Trumps "Russia if you're listening"*? broadcast) They infiltrated swing state voter databases,as well as flooded social media sites-just as they are doing now thanks to Trumps buddy Mitch McConnell blocking EVERY proposed cyber security bill! It pays well-that's why Mitch wife, Elaine Chao got to be appointed to Trumps cabinet-just like Acosta did for covering up the Epstein fiasco.
If any of these folks in you meme had done anything legally actionable,Trump attack dog "CoverUp Barr" would get them & they'd be where poor Reality Winner is now! Trump fired Comey for not being willing to set up HRC.Tried the same BS on McCabe.He then forced early "retirement" upon the poor fellow cause HE wouldn't play ball. DT then vindictively proceeded hack the emails of FBI Agents Lisa Page & Peter Strozk.Deliberately outed 2 loyal FBI employees for having an affair because they hadn't done ANYTHING legally wrong-so the only way he could destroy them was to get them discliplined for dicey personal romances within the office.DT hoped to hurt Mrs.Pages marriage & possibly cause custody issues.Trumps REVOLTING display, fat old geezer aping what he imagined in his sick,sex obsessed brain to be Lisa Pages orgasm onstage in front of a bunch of dimwitted double digit I.Q Trump fans was one of the most nauseating displays a long line of disgusting displays,beginning w/his mocking of a handicapped reporter.Felt a frantic urge to douse my eyes w/disinfectant after seeing his rancid performance. If you think that was the performance of a man fit to govern our nation, then DTs probably right-he COULD shoot someone on 5th & get away with it. After all,he shot Lady Liberty in plain sight!
Spongebob Ight Imma Head Out in fun
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VERY,VERY,GRATEFUL If your family has only ONE of these! 1 is more than enough;2 are chaos,& 3 will start WW | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Haven't been here much lately while dealing w/Crisis City,but had to laugh when I saw your meme! I sometimes just find while doing searches online & enjoy that artists work,voting up but not staying long as time is limited now-but we ALL have "that" relative! You know,the one that makes you wonder what horrible crime we & our family all committed in previous incarnations against this soul so that now he (or she!) comes back to wreak revenge on us all?