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Yep. He really is a big overgrown brat who has forever forever lowered the bar for presidential candidates.
Captain Obvious
They have ready made fragmenting grenades too!
10 Guy
Robertjohnsn3090 is essentially correct. Our government does NOT care about our well being. If Uncle Sam cared about our health, we'd have national health care. Instead,what do we have? Bombs. Drones. Toxic military manufacturing byproducts in city water across our nation. What's legal? Cigarettes-just the bystander smoke kills 200,000 of us a year. Alcohol-kills adults,destroys babies brains,causes genetic damage that lasts for generations(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) Instead of Cannabis for seizures & anxiety, Uncle Sam wants his vets to take Xanax & Valium or other benzodiazepines, all of which kill your immune system , make you paranoid & unable to remember anything-but hey,BIG PHARMA has patents,so they make money! Even the generics make money. The feds won't ever admit that weed is therapeutic. They want those sweet drug bust asset confiscation goodies. The feds are always raiding state legal weed pharmacies. It's about the fines,property, bail,probation fees-pot busts are a real gravy train for law enforcement. They don't want to give it up. Between the lobbyists for casinos(which fear weed users won't go out & gamble),Tobacco & alcohol, and pharmaceutical lobbyists, and the intimidation factor of law enforcement really makes legalization a long shot.Before the govt. Will let it become legal,they'd have to determine that it's worth it financially because they don't want to fat gravy train to stop.
Hehe...but seriously, be careful what you say! The Universe listens! And it has a VERY twisted sense of humor
lonly man
If you can ride out the emotional storm,it will get better. I promise. Maybe your girlfriend leaving you was so that you might be free to meet the one who IS right for you? Or this may not be a permanent breakup-who can say what the future holds? Take an old Mom's advice. I've got a young son,& I know how hard a breakup can be on young men.I even remember being young myself. I remember feeling like i couldnt breathe because of misery. We ALL feel that way, & the younger you are the worse it is! I know you think the pain wont ever go away,but it WILL get better,I promise you! Either you will get back together, or find someone better. Talk to someone you trust about this.