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Spongebob Ight Imma Head Out in fun
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VERY,VERY,GRATEFUL If your family has only ONE of these! 1 is more than enough;2 are chaos,& 3 will start WW | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Haven't been here much lately while dealing w/Crisis City,but had to laugh when I saw your meme! I sometimes just find while doing searches online & enjoy that artists work,voting up but not staying long as time is limited now-but we ALL have "that" relative! You know,the one that makes you wonder what horrible crime we & our family all committed in previous incarnations against this soul so that now he (or she!) comes back to wreak revenge on us all?
Evil Toddler in fun
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JEHOVAH'S WITNESS CALLING | image tagged in ghost boo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
The subtle energies we call ghosts are more real than folks want to admit! So if you want to screw with someone badly enough,it's entirely possible to do so-unless,of course,a soul reserved a ticket to go South!
And the worst part is, when you tongue test the battery you're replacing, it usually has plenty of juice! in fun
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WHAT IS THAT HIDEOUS NOISE? DEAR GOD HUMAN MAKE IT STOP! | image tagged in stunned cat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Love your description of life in the house when fire detectors go insane! Been there, done that,laughed in sympathy as you described it. I come from a family of Hobbits,& can NEVER reach the things,& I swear the sound IS physically painful! I wouldn't be surprised to hear that folks do them violence trying to silence the blatting nightmare. And it DOES seem to go off late at night. I can't remember ONE daytime incident! Our cat hated it too! 🌘📣🐱
crying-boy-on-a-bench in politics
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MEANWHILE,AT THE TRUMP RALLY THE DEPLORABLES WERE REALLY FEELING THE LOVE | image tagged in walking brain dead trump supporters,trump rally | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Trump lies like that rug on his head-not very well,& the lies keep slipping into the most revealing Freudian slips(Google it,Deplorables!) & senior moments that provide perpetual material for comedians. Trump gets outraged over things normal presidents were mentally balanced enough to let slide. No other President had cartoonists fired. No other one threatened their opponents with jail. No other President overreached to fire FBI directors,EPA employees,CDC employees-His cultists don't even see how abnormal & SCARY this is,as its EXACTLY how dictators act.Everyone he fired(or had fired) was someone who simply said "no" to Trump,who's used to grabbing things that aren't his.
Oh & hes suing his own bank to stop release of records whilst publicly claiming "he hopes they get the records!" I think,JakkFrost,you know Truth 88's point very just don't like it!
AMERICA. Love It or Leave It in politics
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Amen! We've been sliding ever faster down the drain towards an Orwellian nightmare. Now we are there. Putin just helped give us a kick along the way by inflicting Trump on us.
It showed us how vulnerable we are-but is anyone acting to contain the threat? would mean stepping into a future without fat corporate welfare payments for useless war weapons when what we really need is better cyber security & our infrastructure retooled so it's less vulnerable to disruption.