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You're welcome..?

You're welcome..? | The Bluey Iceberg (oh no); Bluey is a girl (unfortunately) It takes place in Australia, they are Heeler dogs, Bingo was named after the dog on the Cracker Jack Box, and it was based off of Peppa Pig. Grandpa Bob won the Vietnam war, It takes place in Queensland, Some characters have ADHD, A bird dies, and ordering chinese takeout (or takeaway, in Australia, they're not wrong) is chaotic in one episode. Bluey x Jean Luc, Australia wanted to make Bluey con in 2019 but COVID hit (thank you, COVID!), Australia has the Bluey YT channel blocked, Theories are said that Muffin and Socks both have autism, and there was a lost pilot episode in 2014 (it stayed lost due to copyright, and Bandit accidentally pushes Bluey 360 degrees on the swing). It has been said that Grandpa Bob commits suicide because of Vietnam flashbacks, where did all the humans go, it was originally made for adults, and there were 2 episodes banned in the US and Disney+ (racism, sensitive users called Bluey out for saying "Ooga Booga", which is kinda racist, I guess...), and in the Spanish dub MacKenzie sounded like a girl (He's a boy..? yeah, imma go question everything in existence). In the United States some scenes are cut out or replaced due to sensitive Twitter users, Bingo has Celiac disease (allergic to gluten), Bluey is a rainbow baby (google it), what was Bluey's original story or origin, and Rusty was originally a cousin of Bluey's, but was changed to a friend due to the similarities of each other. Apparently, MacKenzie has a crush on Bluey, Chilli can't have babies, and Bingo is pre-diabetic (which is probably why she goes to the bathroom basically every episode). IDK if this is true or not, but uhh, Rusty's dad fought in Afghanistan; Bingo swore and got away with it O_O (IDK how, but uhh uhm hmmmmmm.... err... uhhhh.. "[expletive] can't talk!!!!1111"); There is a secret code in one of the episodes that says "scio ubi habitas". whatever that means. tell me if you get anywhere with it. The seesaw episode was inspired by World War II (Germany was Bandit, and many countries were needed to end the war). | image tagged in tip of the iceberg,iceberg,bluey,memes,funny,gifs | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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True | POV: SCHOOL JUICE BOXES | image tagged in iceberg,school,school meme,ice,you have been eternally cursed for reading the tags | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Coal bunker contribute to RIP

Coal bunker contribute to RIP | Titanic; Titanic if the iceberg hit on the port side | image tagged in titanic,movies,true,iceberg | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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WE’LL BE FINE | image tagged in titanic,iceberg | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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this is correct

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The deep, dark LitRPG icerberg

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It is just what they do, classic iceberg behavior

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Emoticon Iceberg (JOKE)

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