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The Rock Driving
Everytown for gun safety is a 'grassroots' anti-gun group financed by Bloomberg and cited by nearly every mainstream news outlet. How would anyone know if there are any adults or groups pushing these kids- they are never mentioned by the press; it's like these kids are politically savvy all by themselves.
Brace Yourselves X is Coming
Of course you didn't say massive social media platform. A blog read by hundreds vs. a worldwide youtube is a tremendous change of scale. The size and reach makes all the difference.
Brace Yourselves X is Coming
If it ever happens, then I'll decide. Just what massive social media platform is controlled by conservatives?
The Rock Driving
If you think the anti-gun groups have been out in the open while using these victims to push their agenda, you're seeing things differently than most others. The common scenario is that this current push is all done by the kids, with no outside aid. It's disingenuous at the least, as Everytown and Bloomberg are basically puppet-masters.
Conspiracy Keanu
11 of those were school shootings only in the sense that they took place at or near a school. They had nothing to do with shootings around a bunch of kids. Three of the others were unintentional discharges.