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Change My Mind in politics
1 up, 21h
These are liberal cities with liberal judges. Before the election you have no cause, after they say too late. Lake in Arizona ran into this
yesterdays liberals, todays totalitarians in politics
2 ups, 3d
I was in school during the 60s and 70's and we learned about the revolution and constitutional convention but even in civics (an extinct species of learning) we learned little about how and why the constitution worked.
yesterdays liberals, todays totalitarians in politics
2 ups, 3d
If it's a dog whistle that nobody understands maybe it really is nothing
There's no reason to make the whole planet a shart whole whirled like what they left... in politics
1 up, 1w
That would be something a party that wants to win would do. The Republicans don't want to win
Kick Lauren Bobert Out in politics
0 ups, 2w
Shouldn't she have been stealing citizens money or undermining democracy?