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The Google Reich in politics
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You realize that they constantly release 'clips' and after the denials and claims of doctored videos come out, they then release the full video- showing all the interview. You can't rely on the mainstream news to show the full truth.
Picard Wtf in politics
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When you have the only house in the world, don't be surprised if the government forces you to take in people you don't want. This 'private company okay because I'm libertarian' excuse is really going to bite you in your beliefs sooner than you know. Being a slave to corporate masters is no different than being a slave to a government. When Google employees discuss how their algorithms can sway millions of votes through suppression of views they dislike, then your libertarian ideals die along with free speech.
Picard Wtf in politics
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VIOLATING PEOPLE'S RIGHTS IS STILL A VIOLATION IF YOU'RE A PRIVATE COMPANY | image tagged in black slavery | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Finding Neverland in politics
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The entire groupthink that goes along with buying into socialism leads to the killings. Stalin and Mao didn't personally kill millions, their fellow travelers did. Once you demonize someone or some group inside that kind of system, telling the masses that this group is the reason things aren't going well, then getting that mass of people to turn on their neighbors is surprisingly easy. Of course, it's the same from both sides of our political spectrum right now, only without the total control of one side over the other.