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How the Fauci stole the holidays

How the Fauci stole the holidays |  So the sheep down in Sheepville sought out his command, no matter how impractical, no matter how left-hand. Then the old Fauci gleamed as every sheep was convinced, to go out and take a pee on an electrified fence. And where the Grinch failed the Fauci achieved, celebrations were banished and without reprieve. "Let this be a warning," he smirked as he broke open a beer, "that joy is meant not for what little people hold dear. 'Tis only a state for the elite and the rich; so suck it up, sheep, slavery's a b*tch." | image tagged in trust fauci,how the grinch stole christmas week,anthony fauci,sheeple,covid-19,parody | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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The Most Fickle Man In The World

The Most Fickle Man In The World |  I don't always change my mind like a French ambassador choosing allies; but when I do I blame the bourgeois class for resenting authority figures. | image tagged in the most fickle man in the world,anthony fauci,fickle,snob,causing public hysteria,coronavirus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Dr Evil, I mean Fauci

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Hat tip to Fat_Elvis

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Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: The Wizard Of Drugs

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I know, right?

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