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The Role_Play Stream. me and Chris secretly rating and reading your rps. current theme: um... I dunno... (Did you know this stream has a discord?

your oc has been ordered to guard scp-3326

your oc has been ordered to guard scp-3326 |  scp-3326; keter; scp-3326 MUST be locked up by 10inch chains with at least two emp (electromagnetic pulse) bombs in a two feet area. there also has to be one d-class nearby.also the mask of scp-3326 MUST be kept on all time even if scp-3326 says that it is uncomfortable.if any of the contaiment procdues fail then denote the alpha warhead; scp-3326 is a young 20 year old girl 5'6 and about 120 pounds with bule hair. also scp-3326 says that "she has been in the beginning middle and end." scp-3326 likes to be referred to "winter". scp 333-26 has two sisters. scp 3426 (summer) and scp-4321 (spring). both of scp 3426 and scp 4321 has escaped. | image tagged in scp document,try your best,no joke,no other scp oc | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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POV: You were handed this document

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Bring back scp rps (image in comments)

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Trollge rp

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Void Infinito Dehellmon

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SCP document

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