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No because like… you’re a bigger clown than all of msmg combined. (Offline)
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Untitled Image in MS_memer_group
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that's not even the meme :pensive:
it's Ni-
vikboi temp simple in MS_memer_group
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I mean...
he knows a large majority of his audience are minors. and a lot of the shit he post is actively encouraging Parasocial relationships between him and his fans. yes, he knows a lot about the internet
and while I don't think he's a Groomer, I still think he's weird towards his fanbase. and I wouldn't be surprised if does come out to be another edp.
but I will say for all this "I have Evidence I have Evidence" people are saying
I'm not seeing a lot of evidence :/
and the original person said they'd take this to court yet 0 actions have been done to do so. if dream did groom a minor, and I was that minor, and I had actual proof and I wasn't lying, I would take his ass to court. not lying saying I was going to and then just going radio silent the moment Dream said "Alright bet."
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⍊ᒷ∷|| ᒷ!¡╎ᓵ リᒷ∴ ꖎᔑリ⊣⚍ᔑ⊣ᒷ
she can't post until she gets 10k points so she's using my account for now and yatta yatta in MS_memer_group
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me and her own a discord server together