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Heya! I'm Aqua, resident mad scientist and cinnamon roll. If you need me for anything, just ask.
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Untitled Image in Furries-stream
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This is why I've considered fursuits with built-in fans. Your body is a living computer, and it generates lots of heat; build that suit like it's a PC case
wat is this in Furries-stream
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This ad stole a clickbaitey thumbnail from a relatively furry-positive video. It was specifically made to be clicked on, to make ad revenue from the site, but also to sell you more furry content if you click on the ad. "Furry" is now a profiling attribute that companies use to sell their products, and these ads are trying to develop and make use of that profiler.
i found it. in LGBTQ
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Oh I'm pretty sure I've been there!
Idk bro coca cola be goofin in Furries-stream
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*cries in network engineer*