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Just a nerdy pan person with about a million things going through their head at one time, nothing to see here.
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I have another announcement coming about moderator roles. Stay tuned! in Furries-stream
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Don't see anything about you being banned from anything in logs. Weird...
Welp, it's over now. Keep me posted if anything else weird happens.
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I mean, yes and no. Governments prevent large economic players from acting with free reign, which is both a good thing in some cases and a bad thing in others. For example, if companies could get away with it, they could easily put cheaper but more harmful additives into their products. It's the government's job to prevent things like that with inspections and regulations. But at the same time, too much bureaucracy can lead to the stifling of productivity, because nobody wants to go through the proper channels to do something. It's all a balancing act.
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That was covered pretty early on, albeit not those exact words. Supply, demand, opportunity cost, and logistics. Nothing in society comes for free, even resources as basic as rocks or sticks, and greed will always prevent people from doing the right thing. Communism would be great, if it worked, but it doesn't and it won't. Socialized policies might, and we already have some, like water, electricity, police, roads, education, et cetera, but that doesn't come for free either, and it never will. It comes in the form of taxes, which everyone gives off of their paycheck.