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This stream is intended to role play people as presidents. Every 2 months there is an election. // Voting: Feb 27-28 // Inauguration: Mar 1st // Current president: IncognitoGuy // Owner: Captain_Scar Official Website: New sister stream! Constitution:
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But you can't change my mind about this

But you can't change my mind about this |  Pr1ce changing parties shows you can change your mind and still have a career; You can't | image tagged in sloth change my mind deep-fried,change my mind,pr1ce,president,rup,hcp | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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IG is a democrat confirmed

IG is a democrat confirmed |  Incognitoguy seems to think all the attack ads towards him are "free advertisement".  So does that mean he thinks the whole politics stream is just free advertisement for the Democratic party? | image tagged in your move,rmk,hcp,checkmate m8,i do a little trolling | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Current state of the October race.

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Recap of today

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Wholesome 100

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