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Users claiming that "Crusaders are evil" in crusader_stream
1 up, 9h
yeah it’s really annoying when people try to defend smut and aggressively double down on the degeneracy out of spite
Users claiming that "Crusaders are evil" in crusader_stream
3 ups, 19h
probably because they don’t like the real life crusaders, who did do a lot of messed up stuff like the massacre of Jerusalem during the First Crusade and the sack of Constantinople during the disastrous Fourth Crusade. To be fair, the Crusades were originally a defensive counterattack against Islamic invasions of Spain and Anatolia, but there’s no excuse for the atrocities that were committed

on the other hand they might also be degenerate p**n posters who don’t like being told that they’re violation the site Terms of Service
Untitled Image in Anti_Anime_Memes
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world history from an anti-anime perspective
Untitled Image in crusader_stream
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good morning