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Inmate said he attacked Chauvin on Black Friday 
as a symbolic connection to the BLM movement. | image tagged in politics,derek chauvin,stabbing,inmate,george floyd,police officer | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
271 views 18 upvotes Made by vBackman 4 months ago in conservatives
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Derek Chauvin is a political prisoner. He was sent to prison in hopes of preventing a riot. That didn't work out too well because the entire nation saw riots. Now his life is under threat because despite all of the facts that completely exonerate Chauvin, the left believes he must pay (for George Floyd's OD on fentanyl) with his life.
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This is true; and, sadly, it is the absolute truth . . . and our leftists know it; but in the name of vigorous and self-righteous virtue-signaling . . . they don't care.
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Was he also an F B l informant?
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How do you know?
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Because I research every meme I post so I am familiar with the facts. I read that prior to posting this meme.
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You asked me a question. I told you the truth. But you refuse to learn, research or educate yourself.

I will not waste any more time on you. I am done, Birdy. Time to fly away and bother someone else.
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You're dealing with another alt account... Of course, they couldn't be bothered to find out the LA Times reported in 2001, that John Turscak was an informant for the FBI.
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damnit.. he flew over and is bothering me now lmfao
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Sorry, Spanky, they probably will be messing up your windshield, too.
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:D lol
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I see that he, she, they have definitely had a 'fly by' your place.

I noticed you assigned a 'gender' to Birdy. Did you have reason to do so? Or, did you just "assume"? Asking for a friend...
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Spanky, I am guessing that you are a guy. Would I be wrong?
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I call everybody "he" until I am corrected lol
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I see what you did there
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Interesting development, but I am sure there is nothing to see here...
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    Inmate said he attacked Chauvin on Black Friday as a symbolic connection to the BLM movement.