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There's bbq, and then there's grilling. If you dont understand the difference then you never will.
I could get a burger on each side. It wasn't much, but it did the trick! mac n cheese with a touch of BBQ sauce is right tasty, if you haven't tried it. Upvote!!!
Old tv
Same here. Peoples Drug. Wow, that seems like ages ago.
10 Guy
I saw a young girl bump into a mannequin recently and it scared her when she turned around and saw it. She looked around as she turned red from embarrassment. I was laughing my ass off, but didn't let her know I saw her.
This is a 15 minute job, not a three hour job, design cars with maintenance in mind!
I think engineers should be forced to work on the stuff they design. down to the very last nut they hide behind other parts. This goes for ALL machinery, not just cars. Cheese and Rice, i think these people are masochists the way they come up with some of their designs!!!
I don’t often promote but this is amazing and will be in theatres again on December 27! Google it if you will...Love, Jessica
Peter Jackson put a whole lot of effort into this. He actually had lip readers figure out what was being said in the silent film, then had people from the area from where the Uniform was from read the lines in the proper accent. He went to all the areas where the films where shot so he could get the colors right for the landscape. This is definitely one I want on Blu-Ray!