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I have been banned from commenting for 24 hours. Lol and libs are snowflakes? How is that a “death threat?” Politics is funny.

I have been banned from commenting for 24 hours. Lol and libs are snowflakes? How is that a “death threat?” Politics is funny. | image tagged in snowflakes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Marjorie Taylor Greene Hotline Bling | Flag for actual threats and abuse Flag for math competence | image tagged in marjorie taylor greene hotline bling | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I would appeal this ban and bring it up to the site mods as you're being persecuted for political ideology and unfairly banned per a site ruling on politics bans:

Site Mod:
Thank you for providing the details.
We typically allow a certain amount of mud-slinging and insults on the politics stream as users seem to enjoy a bit more leeway in discourse on that stream. As the comment made an effort to address the topic at hand and the insult was fairly banal, I allowed it to stand.

So, let me get this straight, provided that a certain stream likes a certain way of being, or certain kinds of content, they can violate the imgflip terms of use brazenly?

Site Mod
Incorrect; removal of content will always be at the discretion of moderators and streams must follow the Terms of Use. Given the unique nature of the politics stream as a contentious space in which users often banter back and forth it is more difficult to determine what content violates the Terms, so a bit more leeway is given.
I determined that the comment in question had the purpose of contributing to the discussion in a productive way as it included commentary on the ongoing discourse, therefore not violating the "sole purpose to attack" clause.
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They say 99% — we say 5 1/2 million deaths (global).
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trumpism is psychological projection as a political ideology.
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It's that selective enforcement thing. They enforce their rules for "others", but not for their own. Thinly disguised propaganda censorship. Herr Goebbels would be proud.
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Your math is also off. 330million times 0.9999 (99.99%) is 329k. Also, that assumes every person in USA was infected.
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99.99% survival rate of 330,000,000 is 329,967,000 survivors.

330,000,000 minus 329,967,000 (survivors) is 33,000 deaths.
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Granted, I moved decimal places over. That is on me.

Still, however, the math is off. The statistic assumes (incorrectly) that:

- Every American Citizen has been infected (which isn't the case.)
- And that the survival rate is based on the severity of the virus. Which, is also incorrect. If we hit hospital saturation on the virus nationwide to where there was one bed for every 2 (or even 5) sick patients, the severity is much higher. What you're seeing is our efficiency at handling it (currently)
- This statistic also includes people who are vaccinated, which has a much higher chance of surviving the virus whereas, by the unvaccinated have a similar margin of over 90% to be more likely to succumb to the effects of the virus.

That said, let's look at the actual math, this is how you calculate simple recovery.

Number of patients who have survived contracting the virus by the total number of patients who have contracted the virus - ever.

According to worldometer, the current survival rate is 98%. Earlier in 2020, this number was up to nearly 12% as we were unprepared to handle this virus. Additionally, the numbers aren't accurate as a few states are refusing to report because the virus is "politicized." Yet, in 2019 the leading causes of death were:

Heart disease: 659,041
Cancer: 599,601
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 173,040
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 156,979
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 150,005
Alzheimer’s disease: 121,499
Diabetes: 87,647

People exercise to stay healthy, get checked regularly for cancer, wear seatbelts and ostracize drunk drivers, and so on. Yet, on the "leaderboard" is now COVID. While most of us take it seriously, there are those who break their pro-medical habits and completely ignore it "because democrats."

No skin off my back. Less republican voters to worry about. Shame.
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The maths are still off.

In the US alone, there are 52,059,667 confirmed COVID cases, of which resulted in 828,836 deaths ( is my source).

828836 \ 52059667 = 0.01592029 or 1.592%

That’s only the mortality rate. That does not factor in the long-term effects and damage of surviving a severe infection, which those short-sighted individuals never consider.

But the operative number isn’t 1.59 or even 828,000. Think of it in terms like this: a city the size of ______ just got wiped off the map.

Seattle, Denver, Washington DC, Nashville, Oklahoma City, El Paso, and Boston, just to name a few all fill that blank.

But tell me again about the numbers.
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Comment deleted; pandemic misinformation and has been publicly debunked as such.
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You deleted my comment and blocked me for "misinformation"

Every statement I made had a link to a source backing up my claim, including MSN and the CDC website.

Censoring my speech does prove me wrong, it only proves you are afraid of what I am saying.

It also proves you're a fascist and you don't want information getting out that argues against your cults narrative.
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You can take your high-horse and ride it on out of here. In our stream TOS, we do not tolerate Covid Misinformation or claims to minimize what it is. It is among the top leading causes of Death in the US. Right up there with Stroke and Cancer. Except, it's contagious.

I am not afraid of false information. I pity the fool who believes it. I simply don't want some poor mind who couldn't discern fact from fiction to take what you wrote. You implied that there are people mislabling deaths as CoViD deaths to such a degree that the number of deaths was grossly exaggerated. This is false, and that's a fact.

My deleting comments does not make me a fascist, no matter how much you want that to be the case. I am being responsible and ensuring that people don't supply others with information that is faulty or misleading which can result in poor judgement and getting themselves or others sick. The fact that you're trying to dissuade others from this mode of thought is disgusting and immoral. The fact that people can take the most minimal protocols to ensure the safety of others and the lives and well-beings of others, and you're trying to say "No, don't, our freedom." is disgusting. The fact that you aren't aware of the false choice you're giving them, by telling them how to think is limiting to their own freedom to make up their own mind by providing false data and misleading data.

The fact that most Republicans are seeing doctors for regular heart check-ups, cancer check-ups, etc, and believe these doctors when it comes to these issues, but refuses to believe them about CoViD is the most clear and blatant "tell" that this is politicized by the Republicans. We listen to doctors and their advice. We believe in the cornerstone of science: repeatable results, not the outliers. We've always been about trusting those who got the education for their fields, because that's why we have universities in the first place.

And here you are, trying to go against all that. Yeah, you can f**k off if you don't like this stream and it's TOS. You should know the rules of what you're posting and where you're posting it.

But sure, call me a fascist, I'll take it if it means that I save lives as opposed to ... Oh, I donno. providing them the false information and risk their own lives for my political agenda. *coughMAGAcough*

Sorry, not sorry.
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MAGA wants people to die for their cause

Remember sacrifice the elderly for the economy? Yeah, we were pretty shocked when Texas said that.

CoViD denial? In spite of all the people dying, we were shocked, but not surprised when you (collectively) said that it was the new hoax.

Then the Mask 6' distancing Denial?
Rubbing our temples now that with proven effective measures, we can minimize the risk, but your freedoms, and masks don't work even though surgeons use them.

Then the Vaccine denial? I mean, how can you deny a vaccine when you say CoViD is fake? I mean, if only a few people catch Covid, how can a vaccine that is given to so many people be as dangerous as you suggest, when data shows that it is effective in preventing people from catching covid? Jesus Christ, you guys can't keep up with your own denials. You have to concede your previous denial just to make the new one. Stop being contrarian.
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This is just gaslighting and a stupid statement. Nobody wants people to die..
>> Then put your money where your mouth is, mask up and vaccinate..

The only people I know who actually sacrificed the elderly where Democrat Governors Cuomo (NY), Whitmer (MI), Newsom (CA), Murphey (NJ), and Wolf (PA), who put COVID positive patients in nursing homes.
>> Of course you would fail to address the point lol.

Nobody I know denies there is a disease called COVID-19 caused by a virus called SARS-CoV-2.
>> In the context of the conversation at large, this is directly side-stepping the actual conversation. CoViD Denial, as many people know is the denial of its seriousness. Such as you have so masterfully done.

"Constantly changing information and fear mongering"
>> Given on how well we do, information changes. It happens. Fear mongering? As if Trump didn't do that, but it was okay then.

"Lack of transparency by the "experts","
>> Liability.

And the increasing amount of evidence that what we were told about the vaccines in the beginning is not true.
>> Such as?

"A virus can travel 6', but not 6'1. N95 masks."
>> Risk management and mitigation? Do you know it? You're so well versed on microns, then you should understand parts per million. How many virus microorganisms would be in the air exiting your mouth versus the air 6' out from you? Or even 3'? Do you know? And have you seen someone with a ruler go out and measure the distance between people? Or just the floor? It's a guideline, not a hard rule, but a guideline that should be closely adhered to. Get back to me on that one. While we're at it, if cloth masks are so ineffective, why bother covering your mouth when you cough? Same principle. Also, I don't use the same mask over and over again. I buy a box of disposable ones. You can get a box of 100 for 24 dollars. If you only ever leave the house to work, that's enough supply for 3.33 months.

Sitting down and unmasking vs. walking and masking?
Right, because when you walk around a restaurant, you're breathing on people as you go. The mask mitigates the propulsion of your breath outward, like covering your mouth when you cough. But, most MAGA are too thick to bridge the connection. People cried "FREEDOM" and started throwing tantrums because of lockdown. Demanded things to re-open. Fine, re-open. But, let's try to mitigate some risks. People were fine with this, for a week. Then they said "FREEDOM!" and here we are. Uncompromising fools.
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"But they will stop you from spreading it to others. Well not really. You can still spread it even if you are vaccinated."
You are less likely to get sick. Therefore, by extension, will statistically stop you from spreading it to others. You're dealing with absolutes, trying to hold people to their word as written. Remember that liability thing I told you about? Yeah, if you'd stop doing this and try to stretch your mind to understand the implied message, they might be more transparent. But ah well. Gotta make sure to get that 100% right? If it's not 100% then it's not safe, it's deadly..

"But you won't get sick and die. Again, not really." - there is a small percentage that still get sick, and an even smaller percentage of that statistic who die. So, yeah. You're misleading.

This is why people are now questioning the vaccines. They do not do what we were told they would
>> Which was?

I am sure you will delete this comment as well since it doesn't fit your narrative.
>> "I am sure you will delete me as you're going to hold me accountable for the TOS of this stream." You're damned right I am. This conversation is over, the deleted comments were a warning and you didn't listen. Now enjoy a timeout.
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Stating that people who are vaccinated can still get the virus, spread it to others, and still get sick and die from it is not misinformation. Nor is it misinformation to say that there are potential severe side-affects from taking the shots. These are facts acknowledged by Lord Fauci, other scientists, the FDA, and the CDC.

The only misinformation is when some misanthropes think their view is the only view that should be heard. You are no more qualified on this subject than I am. Yet you think your opinion is worth more and should be the only one heard. You are not helping to keep people safe when you hide information that is needed to make informed decisions.
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When you say there are potentially severe side effects (note the E, man, note the E) from the vax, that's sort of disingenuous because the demonstrated side effects of the actual virus are so much worse.
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I disagree. You can have long term effects from both the shot and the virus. Both the shots and the virus can cause strokes, seizures, blood clots, Bell's Palsy, and Guillain-Barré syndrome. You can die from both the shot and the virus, what can be worst?
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That's like saying a shark OR a minnow could kill you, so there's no difference in risk. False, and easily disprovable. The side effects from the vaccine are remarkably rare when you consider the hundreds of millions who've had them worldwide, while the side effects of the virus have been well-documented and may occur


Side effects of Covid: Interestingly, the heart effects may be as common for people who have mild cases.

More widespread:

"Rare heart inflammation cases (around one in 6000) were reported in teenagers after their COVID-19 vaccination. These cases have been mild and self-resolving. However, the chance of developing severe illness and death after a COVID-19 infection is much higher (2-10%). There is a higher risk of myocarditis from COVID itself than there is from the vaccine."
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Safe and effective, yeah, you keep telling yourself that.
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Like condoms, safeR. And, yes, since unvaxxed people are dying 3 to 14 times more than vaxxed people, more effective as well.
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Per your comment:
"“Interestingly, in San Francisco last year, more people have died of drug overdose than have died from COVID. In Seattle, last year more people between 15 - 35 have committed suicided than have died of COVID. More children under the age of 16 have been shot in Chicago than have died of COVID in all the U.S."

You're trying to minimize the potential risk for COVID. This is not up for debate, that's what you're doing. Trying to bridge completely separate causes of death with different factors while forgetting the contagion factor of COVID and the measures needed to minimize risk of getting it.

"The only misinformation is when some misanthropes think their view is the only view that should be heard. You are no more qualified on this subject than I am. Yet you think your opinion is worth more and should be the only one heard. You are not helping to keep people safe when you hide information that is needed to make informed decisions."

You're absolutely right. I am not qualified to give medical advice. However, I am qualified to repeat the recommendations given by the CDC. The majority of people who need to take the vaccine are not at risk for severe reaction to the vaccine. That's a fact. People who might have a severe adverse reaction already know who they are, and are already familiar with how to ask their doctor about how to go about getting the vaccine. That's a fact. Any information you think I am "hiding" is already on the pamphlet they give you when you inquire/get the vaccine. They list all the risks, the statistics, everything.

I would retract my actions if you had inserted "a few people have had this issue." Or, "these side effects have been noted in a few patients." But you don't do that. So your statements are misleading your audience to think that the risks are greater than they are. Any time I see you making statements like you did without including the full information surrounding your points, I will delete it, no questions asked. You want to repost saying how many people get affected? Fine. Make sure you post the numbers of those unaffected as well. We don't tolerate Anti-Vax Propaganda here, and that's what your spilling. Conversation over. Further comments will be deleted. Thanks for posting in P2
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“Using the numbers you provided, your math is more precise putting the mortality rate at 1.5%.”

You’re rounding down. It would be far more precise to round up to 1.6% and the ‘precise’ number is 1.592029%…but that would just silly.

“There are documented cases where the victims of a traffic accident was listed as a COVID death.”

Speaking of silly, this oft-repeated pile of nothing isn’t at all shocking. How many cases? One? Ten in 828,000? By that line of thinking, there was just as much voter fraud in the 2020 election as there was vehicular accident deaths reported as COVID deaths.

“There are also many cases of people who were already in hospice end-of-life care who were listed as COVID deaths.”

…who would’ve still been living for an indeterminate length of time if they didn’t get whacked by COVID. It would be ghoulish to say those deaths don’t count because of whatever arbitrary metric you choose to weigh the death with.

“Interestingly, in San Francisco last year, more people have died of drug overdose than have died from COVID. In Seattle, last year more people between 15 - 35 have committed suicided than have died of COVID. More children under the age of 16 have been shot in Chicago than have died of COVID in all the U.S.”

It’s not nearly as interesting as you sarcastically imply. All your false equivalence reinforces to me is that drugs should be legalized, regulated and taxed and that physical and mental universal health care is a must and that the epidemic of gun violence has to be curtailed.
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I was writing a reply to your comment, but then deleted it. In carefully reading your reply I have come to the conclusion that you are to far gone and unqualifiedly indoctrinated. Not worth my time.
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That’s an interesting way of admitting you’re full of shit.
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