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How is this man still Governor? in politics
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Yeah, Justin Fairfax, who has been accused by two different women, Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson, of sexual assault and **pe?

Believe all women with or without evidence. Isn't that how it works?

Now for some whataboutism. Trump has Dr. Carson and Dr. Jerome M. Adams, both black, as Cabinet Members and he is still called a racist.

I guess just having a POC on your executive team doesn't stop people from calling you a racist.

However, I would think that if you wear blackface and/or a KKK robe, maybe you should be called a racist.
How is this man still Governor? in politics
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I have to disagree with you here. In my opinion, inalienable and constitutional rights are being removed.

My opinion is that since the right to self-defense and to own and bear arms is a "god-given" right and not a privilege given by the government, the 2nd amendment is very clear that the government "shall not infringe" on that right. I also feel that any gun law that restricts that right is illegal and unconstitutional.

Beyond outlawing ALL semi-automatic weapons, the proposed law also outlaws martial arts or any self-defense training, gun safety and tactical training, revokes the current open carry and canceled carry laws, and outlaws all non-state owned gun ranges. According to the law, you can't even teach your children how to shoot a gun.

In addition to these laws, the state legislature is also proposing laws to end all current voter ID requirements, and they are trying to change to the term of office for the governor from 4 years to 8 years. They also proposed a law that the governor would no longer be elected by popular vote of the state but rather by a vote of congressional districts (which are gerrymandered to favor Democrats)

When the of Virginia people started a recall petition of the governor and entire legislature (which already has 976,000 signatures), the legislature proposed a law changing the number of required signatures for recall from the current 10% of the voters to 25% of the voters.

The Virginia Democrat Legislature is out of control.
Nadler, Schiff and the other minions leave for the Senate. in politics
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HAHAHAHA. Oh, you're serious. She is drunk so often, I am surprised she finds her office without help.
I've seen how this ends. in politics
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You are correct, the Democrats are not YET Nazis.

However, with the authoritarian far-left taking over the party, demanding big government, the suspension of rights, and socialist takeover of businesses, they are not far from it.
The average SS payment is about$1,422/mo. in politics
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Not exactly true. Social Security tax or FICA is 12.4% of earned income. The employee pays 6.2% and the employer pays 6.2%. Self-employed people pay the full 12.4%. This doesn't count the 1.45% tax for medicare.

If we take the average salary in the US which is around $50,000/yr, then the amount paid to FICA per year is $6,200. Times this by 40 years and you get $248,000 lifetime paid into SSA. Most people pay FICA for more than 40 years.

Depending on when you start collecting Social Security changes your monthly payment, but for sake of argument, let us use average monthly Social Security payment which is $1,422/mo and a retirement age of 65. If you live till 78, (the average life expectancy) you will have collected $221,823. Less than was paid in.

Now, had that same amount that was paid into Social Security been invested and was earning interest and/or dividends, that amount available per person would be significantly higher.

Obviously, this is a "back of the envelope" calculation, but it does point out that the average person is likely to not get more back then they paid in.

Even more shocking is that in 2012 the average family in Conn. on welfare collected almost $38,761 in government benefits. According to the Senate Budget Committee, in 2011 it cost the Government over $61,000 for every family on welfare.