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Something to ponder in politics
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False equivalency. Lowering standards in the military and in college so non-qualified people can pass them, is not equivalent to fighters' weight classes.
republicans take the Hypocritical Oath in politicsTOO
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Once again the uniformed make statements without the facts to try and push a narrative.

The film was completed in 2018, 5 years ago, and was put on the shelf by Disney. Two years BEFORE Qanon was started. So how could it be a Qanon-esque film?

Fabian Marta contributed to a Kickstarter fund for the film, along with 7,235 others, to help with the release of the film. The Kickstarter raised $5 million. While we don't know exactly how much he contributed, the average investment was less than $501. So yeah a real big Financier.

It appears Marta is the landlord for a woman who was involved in a custody dispute with her aunt, and Marta, as the landlord, was arrested as an "accessory after the fact" due to his refusal to allow the police entry to the apartment without a warrant. Of course, Newsweek left this out of the article. His bail was set at only $15,000 but he was released on personal recognizance. He must be a real danger to society.
More psychological manipulation in politics
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This is true it was not worldwide. But there have been periods when the earth was hotter.
More psychological manipulation in politics
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Yup, that is what I am saying.