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To tell if it is Delta or original COVID requires the CDC to do gene sequencing analysis in politics
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They can't even tell the difference between COVID and the Flu. Outside of a few of the large major research hospitals, local hospitals can not do gene sequencing on-site.
When something is designed to do something, and it fails at doing it, they call that "Failure of essential purpose" in politics
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While what you say is mostly true, these are not hypothetical strawmen arguments.

According to reports from Isreal and Singapore, which are both above 85% vaccinated, the vaccines are proving to be less than 40% effective in stopping people from actually getting sick. The UK is also showing the same results. Gibraltar, which is the only country with a 95%+ vaccinated rate now has the highest per capita infection rate in Europe.

In the U.S., we do not have good breakthrough rates to compare since the CDC explicitly does not report breakthrough cases.

While the vaccines do seem to somewhat reduce the severity of illness, they are not nearly as effective at stopping the spread as was first advertised. Rather than functioning as a prophylactic and stopping the disease, as they were designed to be, they are more of a therapeutic in their ability to treat the disease.
I love how Gates and Soros always seemed to be involved. in politics
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So, how many of the already reported millions of supposed COVID cases were really just the flu? How many of the reported cases were false positives? Were the lockdowns and mask mandates really necessary?
Yet somehow, the non-vaccinated are the problem. in politics
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So what you are saying is these are not vaccines that prevent you from getting the disease as the smallpox vaccine does. Rather they are therapeutics, more like an antibiotic. They don't stop you from getting COVID but treat the disease if you do get it.

That is like getting chemo treatments even though you don't have cancer now so that if you do get cancer at least you already have the chemo in you. How does that make sense?

We don't know what the long-term effects of these injections are. However, we do know they don't protect you from getting COVID, we know you can still get sick, and we know that you can still infect someone else. These injections don't seem very effective for what they were designed for. Is it really worth it, especially for children who have a very low chance of serious illness or death?
The only thing racist is the Democrats' "soft bigotry" of low expectations against minorities. in politics
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Do you have proof that this is being done deliberately with the intent of stopping voting? Since a DMV's primary function is Driver's licenses and vehicle registration and not voting ID, this just doesn't make sense.

In the county that I live in, there are 6 DMV locations. They have all been in the same cities for at least the last 20 years that I know of. The only time any were closed was to build a newer building. However, the new building is still in the same general area.

Even if a DMV is closed, what stops people from going to another one?

The other fallacy is that only a driver's license or state ID is acceptable. That is not true. Florida has an ID requirement to vote. The acceptable ID includes; Florida driver’s license, Florida state ID, U.S. Passport, Debit or credit card, Military ID, Student ID, Retirement center ID, Neighborhood association ID, Public assistance ID, Veterans health ID card, License to carry concealed weapon or firearm, Employee photo ID card issued by Federal Government, State of Florida, county, municipality or other entity of Florida. Even if you do show up to vote and you don't have your ID, you can still vote on a provisional ballot.

The other question I have is, do these people not have bank accounts or credit cards, both of which require a state-issued photo ID. If they collect welfare, EBT, or Medicaid, they need an ID. If they fly on a plane or get prescription medicine, they need to show an ID. If they want to cash a check, get a loan, rent an apartment, buy a house, go to a doctor/hospital, use a library, or apply for a gas and electric account, they need to show an ID.

How do all these millions of people live their life without some form of ID?

I'm sorry, but saying that minorities do not have IDs or can't get an ID is just BS.