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Tired of their ways yet California?
It actually does. It can choose to not enforce them and let the feds do it. Like marijuana laws. However not enforcing is not the same as breaking.
Tired of their ways yet California?
You didn't list what laws CA is "fingering".... A bill is not a law. And you don't explain how this "sanctuary state" bill protects immigrants. It may do so without breaking any federal laws. ICE is they uphold federal laws. They netted 212 people arrested for violating federal immigration laws....not the state of CA. Nothing you stated indicates the state is breaking any federal laws. Not sure if "fingering" means breaking....but if they are not breaking any federal laws, the feds have little to stand on. So by all means....keep going....
Tired of their ways yet California?
Simple question: What specific federal laws are they "fingering?" Cite them.
Tired of their ways yet California?
Just a comparison. Oh Hey- what federal law is CA fingering? Also- if you look at the stats the country basically is a shooting gallery. Shots fired all over this place.
well he's a guy so...
My thing is- by blaming Liberals for the downfall of everything "conservative" from the pledge of allegiance to Merry Christmas to right to life/abortion, to EVERYTHING else they b**ch about.....A. it makes Liberals SO POWERFUL...they give LIberals a lot of credit! And B. they seem like whiny little snowflakes.