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Bernie Sanders Math
Fair is not's equitable. Those WITH the money have it to give. Those without it....don't. Pretty easy concept. Those WITH the money usually are the ones employing those without the money. Those without the money haven't seen their real wages increase in 40 years. Those with money have seen leaps and bounds of wealth increases in that time. Corporate profits are sky high. Why aren't people earning more? The money is there for our society to be as good or better than any other in the world. Why isn't it? hint: GREED
Bernie Sanders Math
Like a "FREE" border wall with Mexico. The question is how much medicare for all would cost YOU?
Debating Democrats be like....
Why do you perpetuate lies? Do you ever root for the truth?
Debating Democrats be like....
We had record unemployment and stock market highs and world respect under Obama .... Were you cheering him on then?