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There's still a long way to go. Why not "This Thanksgiving, grill your boneheaded uncle like Senator Harris grills a witness?" in politicsTOO
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I agree: it's a beautiful name that showcases her heritage, like Barack for President Obama. And I understand that she actually has made a point of cooking being a passion of hers, and I don't want to suggest that traditionally feminine tasks are less than, but . . . it's like every time I heard former Senator and Secretary of State Clinton called "Hillary," like she was someone in your 2nd grade PTA. Someday, hopefully soon, we'll have enough of every kind of person in politics that this will no longer be an issue.
Mission Autumn accomplished in cats
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You know what to do!
Superpower elite strike force RUDY, I choose you! in politics
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I really love these Pocket Monster tRumpers. Do Eric and Don Jr!
There's not much that the sociopathic global power gamesters would stop at if they start feeling seriously threatened in politics
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They really aren't coming for my guns. And you aren't troubled by your (hypothetical, I'm guessing) children growing up in a country that winks at school shootings and more than 30,000 gun deaths per year? This is a strange definition of freedom.
Look: Nobody wants to do it this way. But we're doing it anyway because we're human: we care, and we adapt. in politicsTOO
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I've always hated traveling for Thanksgiving. Now I can wear fluffy slippers all day and say hi to more relatives over Zoom than I would on a normal year. And I am truly thankful.