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Love it
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-new cases per day have plummeted from where they were earlier this winter

-the vaccine ball is rolling ~ 1.5million per day

-checks $$ are going out

So who is terrified? I mean it's not over but I'm actually cautiously optimistic.
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I'm terrified.
I am f**king terrified, that there are millions of people like you out there, who are nothing more, nothing less, than a brainless sheep, who believe they're smart for their ability to regurgitate the bullshit they're fed by media/politicians/big tech/corporations/celebrities.

Cautiously optimistic, lol, yeah, besides lowering of the number of cycles on a PCR test, we are now towards the end of a flu season.
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Someone else here already brought up something about the alleged "WHO PCR test changed" thing to me 4 days ago... they provided a source.... But apparently they didn't check their source's source.

If this is what you're talking about it would appear you have regurgitated bullshit fed to you by the media.

But I'm probably wasting my time here because the correction is obviously part of a media cover-up conspiracy anyway right? Soros pulling strings?
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Straight from WHO website
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Oh.. this time the wolf is real..?

I'm curious how that WHO post differs from the one it superceded which the same claims were made about minus the joe Biden inauguration element.... maybe i'll do more digging later.

...I'm sure you also see me as the boy who cried wolf but my direct family and extended friends and family have been hospitalized and have died due to Covid. But maybe yours have too idk.
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Try the wayback machine... date depends on weather they altered or amended contents of the page/article. The link I sent you now shows Dec 20.

Either way, by Dec 14th, Trump has already "lost", since WHO does not adhere to "conspiracy theories".

No I don't see you as boy who cried wolf, just hope you can apply reason and logic to what is taking place in the world, and don't look to media and politician for guidance. Look to data, and information that has been available for decades and apply it to current events.

I'm sorry about the impact this had on you and your loved ones. I do believe covid is real, but it is nowhere as deadly or contagious as they claim to be to justify worldwide lockdowns, masks and social distancing. Regardless of the structure of the government, people are controlled through fear, and I hope people can realize that before its too late.
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Thank god for Trump and project warp speed
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The masks can't protect yourself they only sometimes help others my mom is a nurse she has seen so much and her and some others did tests to see if that was true and it was
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No one is dying from any coronaviruses. Masks can't stop construction dust, let alone sub-micron viral particles.
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Did you wear a mask during flu season in the past? Covid is just as contagious, with the same symptoms, AND no asymptomatic transmissions. If you don't have symptoms, then you're not sick. If you're not sick, you can't spread the disease.
You have been spoon-fed lies indeed. Scared shitless. Just the way they like it.
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My wife worked on the vaccine. She usually does late-stage cancer research but for a time last year she switched over to COVID because she has some degrees in biochemistry and her company asked her to. She had all of the available data at the time, including case studies where the effectiveness of masks was studied. According to her benefits of wearing a mask are negligible at best. They just don’t live up to the hype. So that’s what I’m going with, actual data and case studies as opposed to some politician who stands to make a buck.
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