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firstonetodinner24 (20951)
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Memes are pretty cool that's why I make them, also to hopefully make you laugh. Have a day :)
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Confused Gandalf in fun
0 ups, 8y
He's always been there, he created the laws of physics as well as time. So the rules of the universe don't apply to him unless he apples them to himself as he did when he came down to earth as Jesus. He has always been there, it's just difficult to grasp that because time has always applied to us but not to him.
College Liberal in fun
3 ups, 8y
As a liberal, this meme is full of crap and does not describe me at all.
Hillary, really? in fun
1 up, 8y
If you can not declare her guilty after a 10 hour trial, as well as pretty much every republican wanting her declared guilty, she is not freaking guilty . So just shut up focus on the real issues and get over it.
Karl Marx Meme in fun
0 ups, 8y
Boo, this meme sucks !