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Just because you APPARENTLY have no morals doesn't mean the rest of us don't! in fun
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I love how you equivocate swearing to having no morals. Makes a ton of sense. I'm sure those clergymen who molested those kids did swear, and they were clearly some of the most morally upright people in the world.
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Look Son in fun
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Kavanaugh's Yale roommate says that he was frequently "incoherently drunk", and that when drunk he was "aggressive and belligerent". If he was so drunk he was blacking out, it is entirely possible that he could've done things when wasted that he doesn't remember. Also, the frat he was in at Yale was called DKE, which had the slogan "No means yes, yes means anal". If that doesn't point to an inherent culture of taking advantage of women, then nothing does.

The second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, gave a description that accurately described the location of the incident, and several students and faculty members at Yale recall Ramirez being distressed at the events that occurred. Similarly, students at Kavanaugh's high school remember hearing about the incident when asked. You have accused all these women of being liars, but has it ever occurred to you that Kavanaugh may be lying?

Also, the death threats were reported by the BBC, The Independent, and Al Jazeera, all of which a foreign sources who have no stake in the outcome of the hearings.
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She has received death threats since coming forward, and has had to leave her home from fear of her own safety. It would have been much more simple for her to stay at home, do nothing, and remain in her steady job, but she came forward anyway.
You claim that there is no evidence of anything. You are right, partly because of the age of the event, but mostly because things like this always devolve into a case of he said, she said. It was the same for Clarence Thomas in the 90's, and its the same now, except that Brett Kavanaugh's character and reputation in both high school and college leads me to believe Ford.
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This women stuck her neck out knowing full well that her life would be turned completely upside down, yet she did it anyway. Unlike the bombshell Michael Avenatti dropped, there is no real reason to write her off as political tool or a gold digger, because she has no true reason to make this stuff up.