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Or is it already here?
The two world wars weren't caused by Liberals. They were caused by Europeans who got into entangling alliances and/or didn't have the stones to enforce them.
Or is it already here?
WW1, caused by a bunch of old farts in Europe. WW2, caused by some newer old farts in Europe. Korea, supported by both parties. In fact, conservatives even wanted to drop nukes in North Korea and Manchuria during this war, which would've quadrupled the casualties. Vietnam was made into a big deal by Eisenhower (a conservative) and faced greatest opposition from liberals such as Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy. In your other list, you omit the four crusades, where innocent people were slain "for God". You forget the Taiping Rebellion (which killed 30 million people), which was started by a guy who thought he was the son of Jesus. You forget the dozens of wars fought in Palestine and Judea, between Jews and Arabs. You forget the dozens fought in India, between Muslims and Hindus. You forget EVERY SINGLE Islamic terrorist group, who use religious fundamentalism to slaughter people. Planned Parenthood isn't an Atheist organization. It is a Liberal one, but not an Atheist one. By the way, Hitler wasn't an Atheist. He associated Atheism with Commies and Jews. Take a massive chill pill and then come back with a better argument.
Matrix Morpheus
But what if I told you that offending people in the first place doesn't make you right, either.
Futurama Fry
Wow! You're saying that giving healthcare to millions of disadvantaged is a BAD thing? Do you have any kind of moral sensibilities?You'd let 24 million people lose their insurance just so the rich people can get a tax break? While we're at it, find some examples of the erroneous claims you made regarding Obama's EO's and foreign aid.
Futurama Fry
Executive orders don't make a good president. Bill Clinton used them by the dozen and we all know how THAT turned out. All the laws that this Congress has turned out have been meant to be advantageous to the rich, while throwing everyone else under the bus (see: American Healthcare Act). So yeah, I'll wait some more.