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Creepy is in the eye of the beholder in politicsTOO
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Political groups tend to get painted by the opposition with a broad brush on both sides, it happens. If I seem too overly eager to attack conservatives in here, it's because they're too overly eager to attack liberals over there in the politics stream, even though I'm not really a liberal nor am I conservative.

That said, I do understand and appreciate that not all conservatives are hypocrites.
Enough already- everyone is essential. End the Lock Down! in politics
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True, getting COVID-19 isn't a death sentence. But it seems like too many other people are downplaying the lethality of the virus, and suggesting that it is merely "some flu", when it clearly isn't. Also, bear in mind that most of the population has avoided being infected, thus it seems more useful to calculate the death rate by deaths to infected, not deaths to total population.

I can't agree with your meme's stance that the "Wuhan Flu" is "over" until the disease stops spreading, or until the virus is "pinned down" to a point where the risk of infection is negligible. Though I do agree that there is a definite lack of information currently about the true nature of how far the pandemic has progressed in the U.S., every time there is a daily new case at all, the virus has another host from which to spread to more hosts, thus leading to potentially more hospitalizations and deaths. As long as there isn't an effective treatment or vaccine, I think most people will be reluctant to return to normal activities and work, lockdown or not.

Having said all of that, I do thank you for being a more civil debater than some in the politics stream have been. :-)
Talk about remote learning in fun
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I like potatoes, so I'll take it home and enjoy a nice buttery baked potato.