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Roll Safe Think About It
God's power is not some magic that's occasionally used to break the laws of nature. Rather, it is the authority behind those laws. He commands the aspects of reality (quantum mechanics, space-time, the elements), and they obey.
Roll Safe Think About It
A_fellow_meme_farmer... First off, there is no evidence that God is fiction. Ghosts are composed of spirit matter--my theory is that spirit matter and dark matter are the same thing. Secondly, this planet and solar system are too well-organized to have been shaped by random chaos. The existence of reality itself is proof of a purpose. Thirdly, the Creator has revealed Himself to Judeo-Christian prophets. See Alma 30. Furthermore, you can personally get to know God, and receive a confirmation via personal revelation, upon which to build your faith. The experiment is described in Moroni 10:3-5, Alma 32:15-43, and James 1:5. Visit or talk to a Latter-day Saint to better understand this experiment.