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I trust scientific proof much more than any sort of faith
Man does not have an omniscient vantage point. Therefore, it is arrogance to assume that every aspect of reality can be observed and explained by man. God reveals truths that can never be gleaned from telescopes or spectrometers. You only have to prayerfully study His words, with an open heart, to find the solid foundation for faith. Science scratches the surface on HOW the universe functions. True religion teaches us WHY the universe was organized, and by WHOM.
Why the Electoral College is So Important
I didn't say I voted for Trump. But Hillary is pro-abortion and too much like Obama. I'd rather have Trump appointing Supreme Court justices. Plus, I try to ride the upside in situations. At least Trump isn't giving billions of dollars to Sharia regimes. And he's hit the terrorists hard. And he's trying to turn America into a self-sufficient exporter, so that our economy doesn't run dry. And he's trying to preserve the peace with North Korea and Russia. Whether or not he's taking the right approach, the future will show.
Why the Electoral College is So Important
So you're implying that half of Americans are dirt? The folks who lived cooped up together in congested cities are the only ones whose opinions matter? The President represents both the people and the states' equal sovereignty.