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what is wrong with liberals
Muslim extremists and christian extremists are very similar, however christian extremists are less violent. They're not no different but they certainly are similar.
what is wrong with liberals
But religion specifically has opposed homosexuality in the bible. I personally am a liberal, and I am disgusted by most of sharia law because it is harsh and just as bad as despising gay people. You're coming up with the majority of "liberals" as believing in the same thing the same way religiously, which they don't.
Maury Lie Detector
You can be in between I guess but it's not a "permanent" gender.
Maury Lie Detector
There are only two genders. Your hormones decide this for you; if you have more testosterone than estrogen you're male, if you have more estrogen than testosterone you're female. There are only two gender-hormones so there are only two hormones.
The glare coming off those two... What was I saying?