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I know you lefties are checking my profile.. are you triggered yet?
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Upside Down coffee mug in politics
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You can say whatever you want to - I still believe in freedom of speech.. or what’s left of it anyways.

They are - you wouldn’t see it though as you are not religious yourself. Christianity could disappear tomorrow and you’d have no idea. That’s the saddest part of it.

My God is a great God. I don’t even need to argue it. Most that live without knowing his love live very sad, unproductive, and nearly pointless lives. It’s probably a very strong reason why the left is so miserable - even after “winning” an election. It will never be enough for those - so they strive for more power - just to find it not enough again.

God has given me everything I need - and more. Perhaps if you had a little faith you’d live a much happier life too.
justice served in politics
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Yeah.. let me know when conservatives are at your door chanting and assaulting you in the streets.

Until then, continue to be an Agent for the Democrat Socialist Thought Police, helping the Brownshirts round up any pesky political opposition. Hitler smiles up at you.
Upside Down coffee mug in politics
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I can too - because Godlessness will always win. Evil will fight tooth and nail to remove the word ‘God’ from everything.

You can say that is some tinfoil hat shit or whatever - but we can see it clear as day. But luckily we see something else, too. A great awakening is coming to the United States and God will be great again despite the hate and loathing of the left.
justice served in politics
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Good point, didn’t even consider revenge as doxxing is something they do too - as a form of intimidation.
Upside Down coffee mug in politics
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Since an oath by definition is to basically make a promise to God and/or a Superior being - yes. And if you don’t believe in a Superior being - perhaps that’s the problem. How can one even trusted to tell the truth when they narcissistically believe they are superior and hold no weight above themselves?