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Futurama Fry
I hope you are right about yourself, I hope all of USA gun owners will think and behave like you. It's only an illusion though. We will have innocent people killed every day, and their death being ignored, for who knows how many time.
Futurama Fry
Yes, you take it... For everyone around you, and doesn't matter if they agree or not. This is imposition. :) Tomorrow I will buy a tiger and leave it free in my backyard. It's for my own safety, and hopefully it will defend me from bad people. Yes it's very danger and potentially lethal even for me, I could lose control of it and maybe someone who lives around could be harmed or killed but... Hey, this is what I want, so... Deal with it. ;)
Futurama Fry
I go wherever I want. :) I am not afraid of your guns, just sad for your (not personal) kids and curious about a country so modern an on the edge in many ways and still so medieval in others. :)
Futurama Fry
So funny :) I am the imposer, but you are the one with the loaded guns ready to fire. ;) Perspectives.
Futurama Fry
Exactly. That law is the reason why living in USA is so dangerous.