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These garbage people are messing with our kids mental health and education. in politics
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What you want me to show you a screen shot of the fbi form I filled out on the website??
The cowardly DFL is doing nothing to hold the left accountable for the lies, the violence and the destruction. in politics
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Look if you can show me an article from a reputable that says that people were looting as a form of reparations, I would be happy to debate you.
Seriously. in politics
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See it’s comments like this where you think you sound sarcastic and you have the upper hand that is actually not the case. I suggest you focus on reading and upvoting comments instead of responding. That might be a little bit more on your level.
Yea you suck beez in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS
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It’s one thing to disagree with someone but when it comes to things like shouting “fire!” in a movie theater, that’s when freedom of speech draws the line. So when you say racist things and nazi propaganda that is not protected by freedom of speech. That’s because being a nazi is racist and is not protected under freedom of speech.